The Seventh Time, Melbourne So Most Livable City

The Seventh Time, Melbourne So Most Livable City

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The Seventh Time, Melbourne So Most Livable City – The seat of Melbourne as the most livable city in the world has been extended for the seventh year, which is unprecedented — this recognition is given by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) annual Liveability Index.

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) annual Liveability Index conduct a survey of 140 world cities, and Melbourne back ranked at the top. Since the index is carried out in the year 2006, Melbourne is consistently included in the big three. So, what makes Melbourne always topped the list of the Summit? Because Melbourne tick all boxes Liveability Index and other factors.

Melbourne is the capital of culture and sport of Australia, the city hosts major events including the Australian Open, the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and Spring Racing Carnival.

Melbourne also home to universities that are consistently has the best in the world, ranking universities that produce the highest number of technical graduates in Australia, and was chosen as one of the five best student city in the world.

The Victorian State Government continues to invest to develop infrastructure including roads, tunnels and new roads to improve transportation networks; trams and new trains to improve public transport services; and a world class Convention Centre is now being increased to host conventions-conventions and exhibitions whose number continues to grow.

With a lifestyle that is unequaled, Melbourne expanded rapidly with the domestic and international migration levels are highest in Australia. In fact, Melbourne is now the fastest growing city in Australia, and is projected to surpass Sydney as Australia’s biggest city in the year 2030.

This is supported by the announcement of the fDI magazine confers Melbourne as winners of the “Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future” in the category of Human Capital and Lifestyle. Melbourne also entered the list of top five medium-sized cities of the world to the category “Economic Potential” and is in the top ten list for the category “FDI Strategy” in the same report.

And in a week filled with big announcement-announcement, reports the Savills research’s World Tech Cities 2017 entering Melbourne as one of the cities in the world that is at the forefront in the global technology industry.

As a ‘ city ‘ technology Australia, Melbourne offers infrastructure, business environment, talents and lifestyle, placing it in the top of the shopping list of global technology companies of the world. Commissioner of the State of Victoria to South-East Asia, Brett Stevens, greeted the announcement with enthusiasm.

“Melbourne continue to build its global reputation, not only as the most worthy to live in the world but also as one of the leading destinations for international students. And of course Melbourne is the main trading partner for the region of Southeast Asia, “said Stevens.

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