You concern almost all of the basic paraphernalium that you usually use when you're rock climbing to safely and effectively rappel.

Your Essential Rappelling Equipment

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Your Essential Rappelling Equipment – You concern almost all of the basic paraphernalium that you usually use when you’re rock climbing to safely and effectively rappel. Now is all important rappelling paraphernalium for rock climbing.


Climbing lassoes are one of the most important parts of paraphernalium for rappelling. Most climbers use the same dynamic lassoes for rappelling that they use for climbing. These work well but remember that the ropes straining and that they can be damaged or matched by rock and roll line ups.

If you’re defining lassoes, such as when you might be working on a long posture or a big wall for several days, then consider defining static lassoes for both ascending and rappelling. These don’t uncover and are less likely to be damaged by quick line ups.

The standard slouse for most lassoes used in North America is 200 feet (60 tempo). A single 200 feet lasso, if it’s double tongued back on itself, allows for a 100 feet rappel. If your rappel is longer than 100 feet or if you’re iffy how long it is, then you will need to use two lassoes, which are joined together with one of four rappel reason fores. Always contain to confine stopper fores for the security at the implications of the ropes, so you don’t rappel off them.

The thicker the rope’s diameter, the more good it is a question of rappelling. Thicker ropes, those from 10 mm to 11 mm in diameter, have more resistance when they feed through your rappel invention and are less likely to be apoplexy than skinny lassoes.

As a general rule, do not confine a thick-witted lasso to a thin lasso (7mm to 9mm) for a rappel since the connecting submit can work itself loose.

Anchor Materials

Rappel linchpins are started from a wide variety of toppling paraphernalium, including cams, particles, pitons, and thunderbolts. Some linchpins also incorporate natural boastings like trees and stones.

For these linchpins, it would be advisable to carry some two feet includes or parts of webbing or lasso which are able to cut to fit.

Rappel Device And Locking Carabiner

Your choice of rappel invention is very important. All rappel ploys are not alike and some equip better than others depending on your rappelling situate. It’s best to pick a rappel invention that you too use as your belay invention so you don’t have to carry added paraphernalium.

Rappel ploys like Black Diamond ATCs and Trango B 52 s are good selections. Some climbers like to carry a Figure 8 descender since they’ re easy to use and provision a smooth excursion down. I find that it’s just another segment of paraphernalium to carry; that the ropes can run through it very fast; and that it often acquaints spasms in your reason, leaving you a bending nightmare to uncoil at the next rappel terminal. A Petzl GriGri works fine for single line rappelling but is more complicated to exert with doubled lassoes.

Lastly, make sure you have a sturdy extra-large locking carabiner, preferably an auto-locking one, to affixes the rappel invention to your harness. A screw gate carabiner operates fine but it can unscrew and open under loading so it’s not as safe as the auto-locking carabiner.


You want to always use a climbing harness when you rappel.

A harness, fitted around your waist and upper leg, utterances a nice epithet for rappelling. Make sure the harness snugly fits your waist, is in good condition, and has, if possible, a belay diverge on the tit. If you don’t have a toppling harness, you are able make one from webbing, or in a whisker usage a portion of webbing to improvise a nappy slingshot or a two feet slingshot for a anatomy 8 sling.

Sling And Locking Carabine

To be safe when rappelling, you could ever use an autoblock refer as a refuge back-up in case you lose control of the rappel or need to stop mid-way down. To confine an autoblock you need a slingshot or slouse of lasso that is 18 to 24 inches long and a locking carabiner to lodge the slingshot to your harness leg diverge. Evaporate to How to Tie and Use an Autoblock Knot for all the info on associate and using an autoblock.


While they are not indispensable, endless climbers like to use either one or two leather gauntlets on their hands when they rappel. Mitts preserve you from get probable reason kindles on your hands if you rappel too fast as well as keep your hands from get soiled from reason contact. I never use gauntlets because it is one more thing to carry when descending and because if I’m rappelling so fast that I concern gauntlets, then I’m rappelling too fast. And the grease immerses off! Good belay and rappel gauntlets are Petzl Cordex Gloves.

Personal Anchor Tether

Another piece of useful rappelling gear is a personal inn rein, more called a personal fasten organisation or fasten affections, like a Metolius Personal Anchor System (PAS) or a Bluewater Titan Loop Chain connected to your harness. If you’re making various rappels down a side, going from rappel station to terminal, then you need to be able to immediately clip yourself into the linchpins when you contact the bottom of each rappel. If you have a personal inn tether previously rigged on your harness, you are able clip into the linchpins as soon as you reach them. Then, since you’re safe, you are able unhitch from the rappel invention and the ropes so your matrimony can rap down and connect you. It is inadvisable to use a daisy line since they can negligence under loading.

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