What is French Free Climb?

What is French Free Climb?

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What Is French Free Climbing ?

when a free climber ascends a rock look and uses periodic aid clambering moves, that is he grabs onto articles of paraphernalium like bars and cams (SLCDs) placed in the rock, to bypass difficult clambering areas. These crux areas of a superhighway are ones that the climber either cannot free advance, cannot advance in the current weather conditions, or would need to work on the moves to be able to free advance them.

A French free move then is simply a single clambering move or a couple moves of aid clambering on a free superhighway. French free moves are typically designated by the rating C0 or A0 in a guidebook or on a topo.

Speed Climb With French Free Moves

Every free climber will do French free moves, specially when projecting or working on a difficult superhighway or when attempting to make a long free advance and rate are important. The amazing rate clambering evidences established on The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley are to be prepared by clambering crews that use French free proficiencies to descend fast. Many times the second largest climber following a slope on a long superhighway will descend French free by grabbing gear for the sake of rate, saving value climbing duration.

Term Originated At Verdon Gorge

The term French free clambering originated in southern France, particularly at the Verdon Gorge (Gorges du Verdon), back in the 1960 s and 1970 s when pioneering climbers there propagandized brand new and challenging street up the long steep limestone cliffs in the canyon.

These directions were often too difficult for the climbers to completely free advance, so they grabbed carabiners clipped to bars or exercised hits placed in pockets to deliver the hardest clambering areas. Even still climbers at the Verdon will carry a couple hit on straps to French free hard superhighway areas.

Learn French Free Skills

Want to learn how to do French free clambering moves ?

Read the extensive commodity French Free Climbing Consumes Basic Aid Climbing Skills to learn French free techniques for rate clambering.

Go Climb At The Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge: Rock Climbing Adventures in France

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