Wayag Island is one of small island developing within the Raja Ampat district in different provinces of West Papua.

Wayag Island, Home To Pristine Beaches

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Wayag Island, Home To Pristine Beaches – Wayag Island is one of small island developing within the Raja Ampat district in different provinces of West Papua. Small island developing is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life submerge a total realm of 155, 000 hectares, about 383,013.3 acres. Now, you find pristine seashores with definite Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the high seas. Along these seashores, tourists can see fairy story panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio’s getaway in “The Beach”. The crystal clear liquids around Wayag Island appear like illusory rooms to various types of flora and fauna that live underwater.

Wayag Island never ceases to stun. Divers, especially, ought to have overtaken is not simply by the rich underwater exposes, but likewise by the panoramic plea of small island developing as they climb up to its highest scaffold and celebrate bays and atolls around. It is a dream is genuine, really a reverie fulfilled. Small island developing is 10 km north of the equator. Liveaboards are the best choice for travelers with a compassion for escapade and myth. Social contacts with other travelers will only be a call away. Dive educations are improving, so that exactly being there with other divers and the tropical examining organization, you are able to appear as if you are already outlined into the wides of Wayag’s surreal plea.

Get Around

How to get around in Wayag Island actually depends on where you are staying. So, project your trip up carefully and rule where to keep. If you choose to stay in one of the useds on one of the Raja Ampat Islands, you are able to need a craft to visit Wayag Island. But if you have selected a liveaboard container, you simply need to sit back and experience the breeze in your hovel and make the schooner pass the beautiful islands.

Liveaboard boxes are a pleasant alternative, and you can find these ships in Sorong, or as far gone as Bali which is their commerce hub and port for businesses offering dive boxes. Some of the liveaboards are terribly comfortable, and some are unique and quite fantastic. The equipment are inclusive. Countless agree that liveaboards are indeed best available alternative considering epoch and amenity. At around US$ 300 a day, this is actually good value for coin. Liveaboards often race 10 day sails out of the port of Sorong, in West Papua.

It will not take a long time to travel around the unique beaches of Wayag Island. But it makes very good physical condition to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top of an atoll, as it is necessary soar the atoll’s steep walls for about 30 instants.

A dinghy is maybe the best means to go island hopping in a day. It is a beautiful stop between your diving, sleeping and munching number on your vacation in the Raja Ampat Islands. When hiring a speedboat as alternative, celebrate the bordering islands and stop at the clear water to hot yourself after a long hour of the fast seafaring trip-up. Making a speedboat is opportune as you can decide your own program.

Get There

Wayag Island is located in the West Waigeo area of the Raja Ampat Islands , northwest of the great island of Papua. Various connecting flights are needed to reach Papua. Then it is necessary skipper to Raja Ampat by spacecraft.

First, control to Sorong’s Domine Eduard Osok Airport, in West Papua. Sorong is the enter dimension and nearest metropoli to Raja Ampat. There are several airlines make their own choices Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong.

For sea transportation, carries announcing on Port Sorong are the Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and the Tatamailau. Upon your stranger in Sorong, you can take a swiftly spacecraft from the Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, the capital city of the Raja Ampat neighborhood. The stray takes around two to four hours. Then from Waisai you must take a longboat to Wayag which builds some six to eight hours. Rental of this longboat is about Rp 6 million (about US$ 550) per daytime.

Alternatively, you could hire a speedboat to reach you straight-from-the-shoulder from Sorong to Wayag for a five hour stray. This will cost about Rp 9 million (about US $ 750) a daylight.

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