Unique Camps For Refugees Syria

Unique Camps For Refugees Syria

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Unique Camps For Refugees Syria – A proposal of design newly created by two young architects, Bonaventure Visconti Modrone and Leo Bettini in Oberkalmsteiner, the form of the building project that can help the refugees in the camp of Syria Ritsona, Greece.

The Maidan Tent, the name of the project, which in Arabic means ‘ square ‘. This building would later serve as General halls closed for those who live in refugee camps in Greece. “The design of Bonaventure and Leo Bettini is the result of the will and strong determination of a group of people who want to give an important contribution to improve the living conditions of the refugees,” as written in the press release.

Unique Camps For Refugees Syria

Initially the two architect it feel the urgency to help refugee crisis Syria and do some visit to a refugee camp in Ritsona, Greece in the spring of 2016. They witness the psychological damage after the war and the evacuation.

They were struck by the lack of daily activities and the sluggish life of refugees. There is fear, uncertainty and disorientation in the refugees. Then the architects were aware of how design can play a role in helping to resolve this issue, especially through the creation of a temporary community space.

The Maidan Tent can encourage socialization and activities together, a place to grow a community, and a place to form new friendships. This place is probably going to be the solution to alienation and isolation that occurred during refugees migrate. As a moveable structure, this tent is ready for all weather conditions.

“We chose the camp among the many others that exist in this country for a variety of reasons: smaller dimensions, would allow all residents to benefit from tents, with turns and without the risk of clashes,” said Bonaventure.

Unique Camps For Refugees Syria

Cooperation with the Organization of international migration, the migration agency of the UN, and professional as well as other donors, they hope the project will already Maidan Tent operated in summer 2017.

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