Um Island sits right acros the the Malaumkarta village in Makbon, a short length away from Sorong in West Papua.

Um Island, A Unique Environment For Relaxing Getaway

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Um Island, A Unique Environment For Relaxing Getaway – Um Island sits right acros the the Malaumkarta village in Makbon, a short length away from Sorong in West Papua. Makbon is an inland lagoon, pinpointed north of the Bird Head Peninsula. Um Island is known as the habitat for at-bats and seagulls. At-bats on this island look for menu during daybreak, while seagulls fly out at night. Quite the opposite of what we are familiar with.

Um Island is a peculiar getaway if you are staying for a couple of eras in Sorong, gateway to Raja Ampat. The township of Sorong was once a bustling township for petroleum business, but most have left since oil supply here has sapped. Hence, the town is more cosmopolitan is comparable to other towns in Papua.

To be on Um Island is most relaxing if “youve had” the whole era to stray into an environment filled with living creatures, above and below the lighting sea. Within a couple of hours you will find new friends amongst the Moi tribe, find brand-new excitements swimming close to a sea cow (or dugong), descent by an underwater World War II wreck, or be plain exhilarated to catch your own lobster.

Get Around

It will take only around 15 instants to stroll along the beach that encircles the island, where you will find that you are probably the only person or duet there. If sandals are too much to wear, get rid of them and seem the fine pristine sand between your toes.

As you stop over in Malaumkarta Village, you realize that you would have missed many interesting aspect if you chose to go around on a motorized vehicle. Ask around and sit with the warmhearted natives, who are eager to practice their English. Though not too good at its own language, they do originate superb sidekicks to share your smiles and laughter with for the purposes of the disreputable coconut palm trees. An know that you don’t come across to often at home.

Get There

To get to Um Island it is best to start from Sorong. You may want to learn a tad about the cities of Sorong. From Sorong, you have various alternatives. Angkot or locally announced bemo or taxi is convenient for a daytrip to Um Island. The interval to Malaumkarta Village at Makbon is around 40 km, taking between 2-3 hours drive. The ordinary price is Rp 15,000 one route. Make sure you work the angkot for your return jaunt to Sorong if you do not plan to stay overnight.

From Makbon, hire a longboat for Rp 300,000 to cross the sea to get to the island. From the craft, “youre seeing” Um Island covered with luxuriant beautiful trees. This is a small island, which is able to circumnavigate within only 15 instants. Though small-scale, more it is rich in the number of species living here peacefully. Ask the longboat owner to wait if you wish to return the same day. Satisfy was pointed out that prices can change without prior notice .


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