Tour 'A Test Of Guts' To The Border Of North Korea

Tour ‘A Test Of Guts’ To The Border Of North Korea

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Tour ‘A Test Of Guts’ To The Border Of North Korea – Of the many interesting tourist destinations in South Korea, there is one of them which is quite extreme. The intended destination is the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).

DMZ tour is the only place in South Korea requires its visitors to carry a passport in order to enter. It is also only accessible by those who use a special tour package, which already cooperation with tour manager.

Don’t be wonder, this place rules so tight because the DMZ is an area of the border between South Korea and North Korea, formed since the end of Korea War in 1953.

This area was the border of the most termiliterisasi in the world that intentionally ‘ transformed ‘ by the Government of South Korea are becoming tourist destinations triggers adrenaline.

DMZ stretching along 250 km with a width of 4 km. in a place filled with military troops, mines, steel tanks, guns and cannons visitors will be taken on the maximal tension.

However, don’t be concerned with your safety. Because the DMZ is a zone of peace. This area was designated as the neutral territory of various military activities based on agreements the two countries, South and North Korea.

There are several points that we can visit in the DMZ Imjingak Park, among others. Imjingak Park memorial garden which contains a form of statues and monuments from the period of Korea War Memorial. The Park was created to commemorate the events of partition of Korea into North and South.

There is Bridge of Freedom during the war the bridge was used as a place of Korea took prisoners of war and soldiers who returned from North Korea.

In the DMZ we could also look at the Dorasan Station is a railway station connecting South Korea and terujung the North. Other places of interest are the Tunnel the DMZ.

Tunnel DMZ is tunnels, originally built by North Korea for conducting the invasion of Korea Sleatan. The tunnel was built along the 1.6 km, with a depth of about 70 m below the ground.

Any visitors who want to get into the tunnel required ‘ sterile ‘ of various objects. All luggage must be stored in the lockers provided. During the area’s visitor is also strictly prohibited to perpetuate the image.

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