Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

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Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa – Africa is the world’s third largest continent after Asia and the Americas as well as the second largest population after Asia. The African land area of approximately 30,224,050 km2 which includes 20.3% of the total of the entire land.

Because of the vast territory of this continent, it is no wonder this continent has high mountains even one of the 10 highest mountains in the world there are on this continent that is Mount Kilimanjaro 5,895 m high.

In addition to Mount Kilimanjaro, there are several other mountain which is also entered as the highest mountain on the African continent that are scattered in different countries in Africa. Curious, let’s check out his review here.

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Kilimanjaro formerly known or Kaiser Wilhelm Spitze is a mountain in northeastern Tranzylvenia. It is the fourth highest mountain in the world is free-standing. When measured from the foot of the mountain as high as 4,600 m.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent, with a height reaching 5,895 meters above sea level. By people local mountain is also called Oldoinyo Oibor Kilima or Dscharo which means White Mountain.

Kilimanjaro is the largest dormant volcano, but has fumaroles (the hole in the Earth’s crust) the gas in the crater that is located on the top of the main Kibo. In Tanzania, the Summit Uhuru Peak known as Kibo.

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Mount Kenya is the highest Mountain in Kenya and the second highest mountain in Africa (after Mount Kilimanjaro). The highest peak of Mount kenya that is the Summit of Batian (5,199 m).

Location of Mount kenya in Central kenya there, in the South of the equator, about 100 miles northeast of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi and this mountain is a volcano is not active. Lerengnya is composed of several biomes (geographical or climate).

The area around the mountain is protected by the National Park of Mount Kenya and mount it there is the Global Atmosphere Watch atmospheric monitoring station.

  • Mt. Stanley 5,119 m

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

Mount Stanley is a mountain that is in the Rwenzori Mountains areas. With the high reaches 5,109 m, is the highest mountain in the country of the Congo and Uganda, and is the third highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

  • Mt Ras Dashen 4,620 m

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

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