Thrilling action, Three Youths Climb Eiffel Without A Safety

Thrilling action, Three Youths Climb Eiffel Without A Safety

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Thrilling action, Three Youths Climb Eiffel Without A Safety – Most people would probably think a thousand times to perform extreme actions. But for third this young man’s, doing extreme action thus becomes a pleasant entertainment.

In a recording of the drone spotted third youth, Kuznetsov (22 years), Takeover (20 years) and Ivan Semenov (24 years) reckless climbs the Eiffel Tower without any safety equipment. The third young man was climbing the Eiffel to sneak to avoid the Paris Tower security guards it.

A spokesman for Travel Ticker site that sponsoring the action, says: “they spent the night hiding in the Tower awaiting the best time to climb up to the edge. You can see them caught in the video. They successfully completed the action. ”

“It’s not too hard for them because all three have experience climbing the other building structures,” he said.

Yes, apparently the third climber Eiffel origin that Russia has indeed often do this kind of extreme action. Kuznetsov for example, it has often been to climb tall buildings all over the world. Including a skyscraper in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Moscow. He even frequently upload recordings to another action in Instagram.

“Trio of climbers of the origin of Russia said that the climbing is done not too difficult because the structure of the Eiffel Tower which is pretty comfortable,” said a spokesman for the Travel Ticker it.

However, he continued, they feel the fatigue of having to spent the night hiding in the tower. Reckless action deliberately they do at night when tourists almost entirely gone. They even bought a ticket at the last minute before the Station closed.

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