The Top 5 Travel Destinations According to Google Searches

The Top 5 Travel Destinations According to Google Searches

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The Top 5 Travel Destinations According to Google Searches – Google’s search engine can not be separated from modern life. Any data that you need, certain available here. Similarly, when travelling, Google plays a major role in directing the places you go.

Especially when looking for recommendations of restaurants and hotels, the address of a place and a few tips for traveling. Not long ago, Google released the 5 countries of interest to netizen’s choice was chosen as a holiday destination.

Several reasons including because of ease of access, affordability as well as historical changes from a city that make very curious tourists. The following five places you should know.

  • Reykjavik, Islandia

In 1960, Iceland came up with a clever idea to attract tourists visit. They made the stopover program. So managed to make people change flight routes from North America and Europe to stay a few days in Reykjavik without additional cost.

Now, Iceland is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. At the peak of summer, When the capital hosts the festival of the arts. Or in winter, who is considered the most perfect time to begin your travel adventure. Google also mention if women from ages 20-30 years be a traveler most come to it. Security reasons into consideration for those travelling to solo.

  • Havana, Kuba

Cuba started to become an attractive destination among foreign tourists. This year, Obama became the first u.s. President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s. It is at once indicates liquid diplomatic relations.

Then followed the tourism sector directly open a commercial flight from Florida to Cuba. As well as the first U.S.-owned hotel in 60 years opened its doors in Havana. Google reports that people are most interested come to Havana is men aged 30-40 years. Most tourists came from Florida.

  • Toronto, Kanada

Toronto became one of the cities which apply the concept of Iceland as a stopover. The local Government launched the program through the national airline Air Canada by 2016. Ease of Toronto many considered Michigan travelers coming from the Eastern United States. Rated travel benefit when choosing a route to America Canada with the exchange value of the dollar is very interesting.

While most tourists who come to Toronto is a big fan of hockey. This place was named as home to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  • Meksiko City, Meksiko

During this time, tourists come to Mexico because it lured beautiful. However, the trend of visits change on the appeal of history, architecture and food.

Now, many are planning trips between the United States and South America, they are considering a culinary stopover on a trip to Mexico.

One of the cities in Japan is famous for its advanced technology with luscious food. But now Japan’s increasingly ambitious to improve their tourism world by 2020 by improving infrastructure. Google mentioning if many people who are interested there is a 24-35-old man with a high curiosity on the technology.

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