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The Story Of The Carstensz Pyramid

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The Story Of The Carstensz Pyramid – With a combination of good rise and the unique, strange culture of the Dani beings, Carstensz Pyramid Climb is truly one of our most fascinating adventures in one of the wildest biding sits on countries around the world. Situated at leeway 4 magnitudes and 5 minutes south by 137 magnitudes and 11 minutes east longitude in the western primary highlands of New Guinea, the second largest island after Greenland, 16,023 hoof Carstensz Pyramid is the highest steeple on the Oceania continent and one of the 7 summits.

Our strategy

If helicopters are accessible this is gonna be be used to approach the mountain. But, given the difficulties of obtaining helicopters the first action plans for the journey is necessary to trek into the mountain, which will provide a dependable is meant to acces the mountain. As the superhighway becomes more traveled, we’ve found it to be a viable style into the mountain and for some will be generated the minds of the escapade back into the safarus.

The climbing 

From the magical cornerstone camp that is surrounded by alpine reservoirs we have easy access to the top. Our climbing of Carstensz Pyramid consists of moderate rock climbing over principally solid, white limestone and is completed in one long daylight from our basecamp in the Valley of Lakes. The climbing is never extremely difficult but has two or more technological segments that require both the opennes of mechanical ascenders and being comfy on steep, exposed area. On our acces to the summit we will encounter various rappels and ascend short-lived segments of near vertical rock. The climbing along the summit ridge is a distinct please with high showing and entertaining climbing on easy to moderate fifth class rock.

From the summit we will have incredible scenes of Ngga Pulu and its rapidly receding glaciers, the bright white limestone castles of the Sudirman Mountains, the turquoise reservoirs of the Meren Valley and on a clear daylight all the way to the coast of New Guinea.

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