The Mysterious Circles Of Jordan

The Mysterious Circles Of Jordan

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The Mysterious Circles Of Jordan – This great circle is a collection of 12 giant circular stone structures scattered in parts of Jordan and Syria. Although more than 2,000 years, archaeological research done on this place is still very little. And just got the attention of the local archaeological experts. Even mostly unknown.

The circle was discovered in 1920 by a United Kingdom pilot named Lionel Rees as he flew across the desert which is now a part of the territory of Jordan that.

The pictures are taken from a large stone circle Rees it became some of the earliest archaeological aerial photos taken. Due to unknown reasons, the findings are overlooked and soon forgotten Rees.

The Mysterious Circles Of Jordan

It took 60 years again before anyone noticed it again. New in the last 10 years, they are starting to get more attention thanks to the hard work of David Kennedy, a researcher from the University of Western Australia.

Great circle was built from the stone walls, low height is no more than a few feet. They are circular-shaped, ranging from 720 feet to over 1,200 feet.

The circle was originally does not have an open hole, even though for centuries some walls collapsed. Two circles have a typical Roman roads which cut it. This shows that they are more than 2,000 years, or may be much older.

The Mysterious Circles Of Jordan

It would not be difficult circle was built, According to David Kennedy, and can be built from rocks with a dozen people workingin the past week. But why they were built, it is to be a mystery.

It seems unlikely if the circle was used as a cattle Corral, because the walls are too low to accommodate the animals in it. Of the 12 circles, eight of which are in West Jordan middle, between Wadi el-Hasa and the cliff’s edge Shara. While the other 4 North Azraq Oasis. Great circle that looks more recently seen in Syria.

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