The Most Terrible Landslide Events Throughout American History

The Most Terrible Landslide Events Throughout American History

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The Most Terrible Landslide Events Throughout American History – On 10 April 2013 ago, a natural disaster befall Utah, United States. At that moment, a piece of rock fell into a large hole created agency mining in Bingham Canyon Mine.

The debris ranges from 65-70 million cubic meters fall thundered down the walls of the mine, with speeds reaching 100 miles per hour. This event was so shook up and recorded by seismic sensors which serve to record earthquakes. The intensity of the recorded instruments reaches 2.5 richter scale.

This volcanic landslide incident is the biggest shocks in the history of modern North America. And it happens in the largest man-made mine minerals in the world.

Bingham Canyon copper mine has been producing recorded since 1906, and produce copper supplies to 25 regions throughout the United States. Mining activity that has lasted more than a century, forming a crater of 970 meters with a width of 4 kilometers. Even in 1966, republished this hole as an example of the national historic landmark.

In early 2013, the mine operators see signs of increased instability in the eastern part of the wall. in the morning, the avalanche started movement feels, until then the first landslide occurred after seven hours later. Successive landslide followed 90 minutes later.

Avalanche each lasted 90 seconds. Overall, 65 million cubic meters of debris resulting from such disasters is estimated to be able to cover the national parks of New York City.

Interestingly, the avalanche also triggered a small earthquake in 16 areas in the vicinity.

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