The Height of the Mount Everest Suddenly Changed! Why?

The Height of the Mount Everest Suddenly Changed! Why?

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The Height of the Mount Everest Suddenly Changed! Why? – It is indeed still a heated debate, but Mount Everest shrinking a little some say is growing a bit-good teamwork from Nepal or India are both being investigated. Which is true?

The expedition team was sent to Mount Everest to re-check the truth of information changes the height.

Based on the leader of the surveyor, Swarna Subba Rao, ahensi mapping Centre India will send a team of expedition to the highest peak on the Earth to do checks resetting about validity of this mountain was reduced in height as the result of tectonic activity in the area.

There is a difference of opinion from the researchers, the two camps are convinced that the height of Everest is changed, the difference is in the “up” or “down”.

Rao tells BBC News that they do not know what actually happened and there hasn’t been a report unconfirmed. Some researchers say the highest peak has been shrinking, but there are some who say the Summit is growing.

The researchers will be patient waiting for the results of the two methods used to calculate changes in the height of Mount Everest.

To check it out, do the GPS measurements and cartography details over the next few months intensively before the final result is determined. As long as the results were not disclosed, the two camps researchers still do not dare to publish his statement because it only uses the visual calculation based on photos.

If Mount Everest is indeed shrinking, is its status as the world’s highest natural peak will change?

Currently, Everest is known as high as 8,848 meters (29,028 feet) above sea level. Changes in height, any which way, at the very least will only occur a few cm, if the official does occur.

But what exactly is causing the mountain to suddenly change its height?

In addition to the occurrence of erosion from the top to the bottom of it all the time, needed to change the height of the mountain is a powerful earthquake. Nepal earthquake in April 2015, could already be considered strong enough. In just 45 minutes, 30 km stretch of the main Himalayan thrust moving East with a speed of up to 3 km/s.

It turns out this causes a number of changes in soil structure significantly.

Some parts of the land of degenerate into the Earth, while the other part is increasingly rising to the top, there are even some parts changed position vertically of 9 meters. There have been some movement also, apart from it. Kathmandu, the capital, was moved from its original point as far as 3 metres.

Meanwhile, satellite calculations do not show any change in the height of Everest. However, for some reason, experts believe that the results of the satellite has some errors. The researchers concluded that Mt Everest is indeed changing height, with the number of changes is still waiting for the results of GPS and cartography, the next few months. Its clear you know that the height of the mountain can change, nature can be easily changed.

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