The Harau Valley is sometimes known as the Yosemite of Indonesia.

The Harau Valley

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The Harau Valley – The Harau Valley is sometimes known as the Yosemite of Indonesia. Now, gibbons and macaques and a variety of wildlife still moves freely as such areas in the Lima Puluh Kota district have in fact been designated a nature conservation, embracing some 669 acres. Its beautiful countryside, its pleasant serenity ended merely by the calls of the macaques and the chirping of fowls, procreate the Harau Valley the excellent celebration getaway.

The steep rock walls here are not only a natural invitation to photographers, but they likewise attract rock climbers who consider climbing these steep walls an important challenge. “Theres” 300 smudges from where to clamber. Seeming up, the clear blue air above is the eventual finishing line as you grab the belay machines, carabiners, and necessary lassoes to contact the heights of the Harau Valley. This depression is occasionally visited so that you may have the whole depression everyone to yourself.

Relaxing is one of the best time elapsing activities now. Order a bowl of chocolate and local goodies and setlle down to write the final chapter of your hurtles and the astonishing experiences you had in extraordinary Indonesia. Make term for a short walk around the village and watch how people live. Some of the women now work in the rice fields while beings plough the fields behind ocean buffalos, providing the excellent shot for “youve got to” take.

Public transportation is available for those wishing to waste the part vacation time in and around Bukittinggi. Else, hiring a minivan or a motorbike will guarantee the time well spent for day trippers to these Minangkabau highlands.

Get There

A bus from Bukittinggi going to Pekanbaru is certainly stop by the cross street to the Harau Valley, locally known as Lembah Harau. It takes a little over an hour from Bukittinggi. If you take a rented gondola or motorcycle, really pass across the narrow-minded street where a bunch of motorized taxis or tricycle riders will approach anyone alighting from a modes of public transport.

Going to the valley may take less than a dollar by opelet, the motorized becak. As countries of the region is a natural reserve, you must pay an entrance fee, although the detective can be invisible. The Lembah Echo Homestay is right at the narrowest void of the valley, although you will pass a number of homestays along the way. Leasing a bike in Harau can be somehow defying. Many parties take the opelet instead. Some of the hotels may, nonetheless, give motorcycles for payment.

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