The 10 Most Expensive Snowboards Ever Sold

The 10 Most Expensive Snowboards Ever Sold

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The 10 Most Expensive Snowboards Ever Sold – Most equestrians know sticker scandalize when foster for the superb brand-new snowboard. It’s easy to pick out members of the board that’s exactly what you’re attempting, but paying for that congres is commonly reasonably hard. These ten committees are the most expensive ever to hit the market, and they’ll maybe form you feel better about find that $400 congres at the foster.

  • Burton Mystery

Price : $1,499.95

Many top end committees include period and costly orchards to purge their high pitched fee target, but Burton took a different approach with the Mystery. It’s Burton’s lightest thrust congres, but the low-spirited thrust likewise purports high tech scraps. Burton’s described in the board is a bit questionable, but calls like “Methlon Base” and “Mystery Glass” are part of what fascinates their big-spending audience.

We do know that this board has a standard camber and true blue twinned tips off, so it can be ridden anywhere on the mountain.

  • Pogo Wingergun 205

Price : $1,600

The request “cannon” has been used to describe fast flying surfboards for years, and when Pogo specified one of their most expensive congres the Wingergun, they knew it would gather equestrians to brand new quickens. The Wingergun is handcrafted from premium brushes, and it flies on top of pulverization like a surfboard on liquid. The high tech scraps, like Carbon Kevlar, a three layer rubber invent, Titanal reinforcement, a poplar ash core, and patronage high strength fiberglass, let you know you’re getting one of the most innovative freeride committees in services sectors.

  • Endeavor Archetype

Price : $1,700

The Endeavor Archetype ogles just like a everyday twinned tip off congres at first glance, but this high tech congres is still far from everyday. Endeavor gives senility experimenting in top end snowboard design in their Archetype Lab, and this top of the line and top secret congres demonstrates research results. Struggle keeps the ingredients in this responsive, shining, and floaty congres a problem, but its unique fraction posterior propose is said to shred through pulverization.

  • Pogo Maverick Powdergun

Price : $1,765

Pogo is no stranger to extremely high priced snowboards, and the Maverick Powdergun is certainly kindle a ditch in your handbag.

This top of the line pulverization freeride congres measures designed to at a whopping 230 centimeters, which means you waver higher and aviator faster than ever before. The Maverick’s swallowtail helps you maneuver where you want to go, and the rocker on the nose and posterior hold you from diving head first into the fluffy component. A walnut coating, maple stringers, and baby of pellet inlays form the Maverick glance is a piece of fine art than a snowboard.

  • Palmer Platinum Le

Price : $1900

Shelling out the costs of a put upon vehicle on a snowboard may structure you stoop at first, but Palmer highlights the fact that razzing the Palmer Platinum feels like flying. The house thumped fiberglass to the kerb in the peculiarities of the board members and opted for carbon laminates to make it ultra sturdy and lightweight. Palmer mixed their carbon engineering with Kessler’s expediting tech to create a board that was so fast and beacon, equestrians would feel like the government has offstages.

Unfortunately, online re examines about the board’s fallible fabricating motived this top end Palmer model to be discontinued.

  • Cheetah Ultra Sports The Wip

Price : $2,100

Cheetah Ultra Sports was going out on a limb with their The Whip design. This congres is jam packed with strange scraps like raised inserts, jiggling, and something Cheetah Ultra Sports calls a “go faster stripe” carved out of the core of the board. FastCompany ¬†announced The Whip the “Lamborghini of snowboards”, which seems to fit well because it is impractical, ridiculously jaunty, and kind of ugly.

  • Miura Tekila

Price : $3,400

The Miura Tekila is a preferably spurious snowboard with a quality that has only just been rephrased. The Tekila, crafted by prominent snowboard designer Olivier Miura, never impelled it beyond the test stagecoach, which is why the estimated premium is practically $3,000 if you can find one.

  • Burton Bb1 Londonderry

Price : $11,211

The Burton BB1 Londonderry, put on sale at eBay on March 25, 2012, was still in superb statu from the working day it was improved between 1978 and 1979. It was entrust crafted in Londonderry, Vt and ve never even stroked the snowfall. Thirteen bidders resolved 29 proposals, and the board of directors selling off $11,211.

  • Burton Black Widow

Price : $11,733

The vintage Burton Black Widow board may have sold on eBay for roughly $20,000 lower than the Experimental Prototype, but it still brought in a pretty penny. This 1983 congres was journeyed and signed off by Burton rider Bob Novak. The Black Widow was one of 7 produced for the Burton team, and the dealer suggests “its been” journeyed by Novak when he took residence first place in a downhill antagonism at Pando Ski Area in 1984. “Theres” rumors in the antique snowboard parish that this may have been a resemblance.

  • Burton Experimental Prototype

Price : $31,313.13

You may not buy your brand new committees on eBay, but the most expensive snowboard ever sold was attained there. This 1977 Burton Experimental Prototype was sold on eBay on July 1, 2014 for the unbelievable fee of $31,313.13. The congres was sold by Vintage Winter, a ski and snowboard house that focuses on selling relic and antique cloth.

Most other Burton Experimental Prototypes being very spent, ill treated, and thrown in the ash bin, which is something that resolved the existence of the board members so valuable. Vintage Winter representative Jeff Hume territory the company had never sold members of the board for that is something that before.

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