Located on Java's most western coast in different districts of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, the Tanjung Lesung resembles the lesung.

Tanjung Lesung

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Tanjung Lesung – Located on Java’s most western coast in different districts of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, the Tanjung Lesung resembles the lesung, which in the regional Sundanese language aims the receptacle for rice pounding. Tanjung Lesung is a developing integrated ocean recourse for sport and tavern leave Mt Anak Krakatu, all that is left of the formerly mighty Krakatau volcano. This enormous 1,500 hectares vicinity of Tanjung Lesung has been developed by the Banten West Java Tourism Development Corporation (BWJ) since 1996, patterned after the acclaimed Nusa Dua Resort in Bali. The recourse is envisaged to contain top walk tavern and diners, a meeting dormitory, a number of golf courses, marina and theme park.

Today, Tanjung Lesung offers a superb base to lay back and submerge oneself in the attractivenes of quality reached along the tremendous increase of soft white-hot sandy seas, clear and calm blue-blooded liquids, and fresh tropical gale. The 15 km shoreline is the superb base for innumerable ocean assignments such as ocean volley, ocean football, or merely lie down for the purposes of the satisfying sunshine.

The beautiful smother of Tanjung Lesung similarly lies beneath the surface. Beautiful coral reefs, embellished with coloured fish and seafloor residents make this a superb recognize for snorkeling and Diving. For those who enjoy the perception of reeling in the big fish, there are a lot fish smudges that await off the coast of Tanjung Lesung.

Get There

From the capital city of Jakarta, the mantle of Tanjung Lesung is approximately 160 kilometres away and can be reached by rented car or public bus in about 3-4 hours drive. The pikes are in relatively good condition with beautiful backdrops at some smudges. From Jakarta, you can take the Jakarta Merak Toll Road, and make the channel of East Serang. After giving Serang, the road will make you to the town of Pandeglang, Labuan, and eventually arrive in Tanjung Lesung.

Alternatively you can take the Cilegon exit, then take the road south from the north sea-coast of Banten, giving Anyer and Carita Beach in future directions of Labuan. If “youd prefer” the various modes of public transports, from Jakarta you can take the bus in to the Labuan Bus Station, then continue your travel by ojek or motorbike taxis to Tanjung Lesung.

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