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Surfing In Lombok, Indonesia

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Surfing In Lombok, Indonesia – Lombok is also known for its better confidential surf quality, The Desert Point. Still extremely marooned but for most Australian surfers they worded it as “Desert Point”, located in South West cost of Lombok. Desert Point also known as Bangko bangko beach.

A long walled and fantastically hollow left hander that on its day can break up to 300 rhythms, growing in immensity from liftoff to cease. Better between 3-8 ft.

Kuta Beach & Southern coast of Lombok (The Gerupuk Beach) also give good quality of surf. You may need to hire ship from regionals to take you to some of the wave’s level. If you stay in Kuta Beach Lombok, ask around, numerous regionals surfer will guide you to find the waves.

Kuta Lombok is “surfers’ paradise”. Waves are excellent and many good surf moments, such as Mawi, Mawun and etc include “Point X”, along South coast of Lombok. Matahari Hotel or Kuta Indah has the billow information board.

Surfing spots in Kuta and South Coast of Lombok

Gerupuk Bay

This huge bay is about 7 km east Kuta. The inlet itself is home to five different places which work on many ebb, breeze and grow compoundings. Basically you can always get a motion at Gerupuk. All waves is simply be accessed by boat.

Inside Gerupuk : or Bumbang Bay, is a right-hander over a flat reef. It is suitable for all levels an has enjoyable curves, with a long wall and a forgive cheek. On large-scale days with a Southwest swell it can be a great spot to surf. This smash is surfable at any seasons and can direct any breeze, even the trade wind, as it is protected by the smothering mountains. Best on an incoming ebb and can hold 10 ft solid.

Outside Gerupuk : or Gili Golong. A right hander that is good at mid to high tide, better make your loots at low-spirited. Various pinnacles outside offer big lowers on liftoff bending into a cavern and fast inside section. Can maintain 8-10 ft but is best at 4-6 ft, from October to April.

Don-Don : The outermost break inside the bay and as a result needs a bigger swell to undermine. Don Don is a perfect A-frame peak walling and bending both left and right. For all grade of surfers. Can be good in any season as long as high winds are light-headed. Wreaks on any tide, with out vanishing tide the best time.

Kid’s Point : or Pelawangan, is another right-hander, simply ends on the most difficult eras, but where reference is operates, its barrel municipality. Best on an incoming ebb.

Are Guling

A right hand reef break can be found on the west side of Kuta. Access by barge and property is probable. This destroy is one of the best right hander on the South Coast. Mid to low tides can see the inside region double-dealing up and barreling. A left hander on the other side of the inlet is surfable, though only when its small-scale. Need a north-west breath, most frequent from October to April. Are Guling can hold 8-10 ft when excellent, but is good at 4-6 ft.

Seger Beach

Located time 2 km from Kuta. Seger is a right reef destroy, with the periodic left off the pinnacle. A good place when the swell declines. On mid ebbs and offshore airs this can be a great place, with short-lived tubes and bowly walls ready for any move you can think of. Involve a light-headed gust or north west gust, around Oct-April.


Located 20 times west of Kuta. On small days this reef break offers a neat pinnacle with short-lived hollow rights and lefts. At 6ft plus, Mawi transforms into a heaving left cask, with elevator sags and ponderous hold down. At 8-10 ft it’s not a place for the faint hearted. Best on mid ebbs and a south east trade wind, from May to September. Mawi can hold any size you’re prepared to surf, time bring your lumps !

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