Sport Climbing Adventure at Maple Canyon

Sport Climbing Adventure at Maple Canyon

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Climbing Are Description

Maple Canyon in the hills of center Utah offers exquisite performance condescending on over 40 cliffs from 30 paws to 300 paws high. The canyon’s rock is busines, a sedimentary rock composed of the representatives of unsorted cobbles that wander from finger-sized to ones the size of a small vehicle. Most of the superhighways are sport flies protection of thunderbolts. Almost 400 superhighways from 5.0 to 5.14 are are available at Maple Canyon.

Major Climbing Cliffs

Box Canyon, Maple Corridor, The Schoolroom, Road Kill Wall, Petroglyph Wall, Engagement Alcove, Orangutan Wall, The Pipeline, Low Standard Cave, Rock Island, Garbage compactor, Oxygen Wall, Minimum Crag, Zen Garden Cragganmore, Damascus Gate, and The Pipe Cream.

Maple Canyo Gps Co

N 39.55696 / W -111.68639

Climbing Equipment

Bring 12 to 20 quickdraw 200 fee (60 meter) leash is best helmet for descending and belaying (cobbles are falling !) and kneepads for kneebars on superhighways harder than 5.12.


Central Utah. Maple Canyon, on the east side of the San Pitch Mountains above the broad masses of the Sanpete Valley, is south of Salt Lake City and Provo and southeast of Nephi and Interstate 16. Maple Canyon is 100 miles from Salt Lake City and 65 from Provo.

Finding The Climbing Area

From Salt Lake City and Provo, drive south on Interstate 15 to Depart 225 at Nephi. Drive east on Utah 132 for 14 miles to Fountain Green.

Turn right (west) on countries of the south feature of district and follow signals to Maple Canyon. The pike pate west then south for 7 miles to the abandoned townsite of Freedom. Change right (west) on the marked superhighway and drive a wed miles to Maple Canyon.

From Interstate 70 and Salina to the south, drive north on US 89 and Utah 133 to Moroni.

Turn left (west) on the west side of district on the road discovered Maple Canyon and drive west to Freedrom Road. Change right (north) and follow signals to Maple Canyon.

The road into Maple Canyon becomes gravel at the canyon entering. It is choppy and dust-covered in places. The pike is a prospect hopeles in wintertime and early springtime. It is routinely possible to drive to the campsite until Thanksgiving.

Management Agency

U.S. Forest Service. Most of Maple Canyon is in Manti La Sall National Forest. The lower east part of the canyon, including the favourite condescending venue Box Canyon, is private property.

Restrictions And Access Issues

There are no current derive regulations or access issues in the Manti La Sal National Forest department of Maple Canyon. Box Canyon is on private property and is currently open to rise. Reckless label, however, are subject to change that situation. Be a responsible climber and land user.

Here are some suggestions :

  • Always go to the bathroom at the campsite region.
  • Park your vehicle in labelled parking areas in the campsite (daily parking reinforce billed) or common in pullouts. Conclude sure your vehicle is entirely off the road.
  • Parking is a big problem on busy eras, specially weekends. If you’re camping, leave your vehicle at your campsite. Carpool or stroll to the cliff spheres.
  • Follow prevailing routes and climber footpaths to the crags. Avoid starting bran-new routes or hiking across tenuous vegetation including fern.
  • Dogs are not allowed in Box Canyon. Pick up your dog’s busines abroad and carry it out.
  • Pack out all your debris. Pick up after yourself and others to stymie Maple Canyon pristine.

Climbing Seasons

May through October. Summertimes are great with batch of shaded cliffs and generally mild temperatures. September and October are excellent but mornings can be cold in Box Canyon and on northfacing crags. Winter is cold and snowy lots of exquisite sparkler flies organize up.

Camping and Work

Maple Canyon Campground with 13 areas is open mid May through October. The campsite has toilets, but no ocean. Water is available in Fountain Green and Moroni. Places have counters and firepits. This is a fee neighbourhood ($ 8.00). Other areas ($ 3.00) without services are between the forest attached and the campsite along the canyon pike.

Primitive camping sites are available in the national forest and along the road below the national forest demonstrate. Bring trash bags to carry all your debris out for the campsite.

If you are able to goes ahead, bible a campsite for $8.00 a night with a table, fervour quarry, flat tent region, and adjacent restroom at The weekends tend to fill up swiftly so reserve well ahead of party. If you want to chance it you can show up and find one of the first come first served areas for $3.00 a night but they’re often fitted with long term climber campers.

Climb Services

All business in Nephi, Mount Pleasant, Ephraim, and Manti. Limited business at Moroni and Fountain Green.

  • Telephone service, mainly Verizon, is available in parts of Maple Canyon includes the campsite region.
  • Laundry The nearest laundromat is in Mount Pleasant.
  • Water is available in all the towns.
  • Wifi The nearest region to pick up wifi for your computer is at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Ephraim.
  • Showers are available for a nominal reinforce at the Snow College Rec Center in Ephraim.

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