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Sawinggirai Village, A Home To The Beautiful Cendrawasih

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Sawinggirai Village, A Home To The Beautiful Cendrawasih – Sawinggrai vilage is located in the Meos Mansar district, Raja Ampat, West Papua province. It is among the most recognise hamlet besides Arborek in the same fourth. This hamlet has 36 houses and it is foremost for the Cenderawasih, the Bird of Paradise, the icon of Papua raised in the present hamlet. The Red Bird of Paradise is the special icon of the hamlet of Sawinggrai.

There are four categories of Cenderawasih reared in this hamlet, namely the Red Bird of Paradise, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise, the Lesser Bird of Paradise, and the Greater Bird of Paradise. Some of the chicks are able to perform expeditions that resemble a strange dance.

No eateries and food stops are accessible now, but you can find browses selling food supplies in Waisai or Sorong. If you wish to find more various forms of food other than seafood on the menu, it is best to go to Sorong.

If you wish to see the chicks dancing (routinely in the morning or afternoon), elude spreading between December and February because the chicks lay eggs in this period.

Get There

Sawinggrai Village is located in the Meos Mansar district, Raja Ampat. To reach this site, it is easier to start your passage from Sorong. There are various flights you can take from Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong.

For sea transportation, sends transiting in Port Sorong are the Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and the Tatamailau. From Sorong, take a motorboat from the Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, capital city of the Raja Ampat territory. From Waisai, you can continue your passage by longboat to Sawinggrai.

To contact the Cenderawasih observation site, you must climb up Manjai Hill behind the hamlet for about 30 hours. While to contact the cultured fish-feeding locate, you need to walk exclusively about 100 rhythms to the pier.

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