Ruteng, capital of the district of Manggarai, in the countries of the western part of the island of Flores, is a lovely, busy municipality backed by a variety of ridges.


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Ruteng – Ruteng, capital of the district of Manggarai, in the countries of the western part of the island of Flores, is a lovely, busy municipality backed by a variety of ridges. Unearthed some 1,200 meters above sea level the breeze is refrigerate. Smothering the cities are green rice fields that offer the staple for the population on this predominantly baked island. Coffee grown around here is also most invigorating.

Ruteng is some 4 hours drive from Labuan Bajoe, the town where sightseers make barges to see the habitat of the far famed Komodo dragons on small island developing of Komodo and Rinca or get diving in this National park.

It is from Ruteng that the Catholic mission spread to convert many of the islanders, building countless missionary class, so that Flores today is indeed chiefly Catholic.

As capital city of Manggarai, Ruteng still preserves an equilibrium between the old and the modern. Most people inspect Ruteng either at the start of their journeying across Flores, or at the end. Here most equipment are available, accommodation though modest are scavenge and good, and shops are well stocked. Internet also wields now.

Ruteng emerged from a small village, and the tale goes that it is evident from the very heart of Compang Ruteng, or Ruteng Pu’u. This is a village that still exists until today and travelers go there to see the remaining original home of the Manggaraian and a compang, a stone altar that is the center of the village. A compang is a sacred place, where the ancestors are believed to live, while all the houses envelop it concentrically. Observe the locals who live as an agricultural parish. Agricultural concoctions learnt here are coffee, copra, candlenut, cloves, and cacao.

From Ruteng visit the baffle spiderweb ricefields at Cancar, stray farther to the Liang Bua cave, where archaeologists detected skeletons of world’s singular hobbits. Watch the marvelous dance at Melo or Tado, or see Wae Rebo, a hamlet in the hills of the district that still adheres to the megalithic culture.

Similar to Bajawa and Moni, the condition in Ruteng is unusually cool than the rest of small island developing, moving it a nice tropical municipality for morning or evening saunters.

To know more in depth about different cultures and suorrundings of Ruteng, tour guides are the best asset to explain and allow you to experience some of Flores’ best.

The mystifying Todo village is also worth an adventurous excursion, relating to the time when Minangkabau marines from West Sumatra acre now hundreds of years ago far on small island developing of Flores.

The eventual task to do on Flores is of course see the living Komodo dragons, the Varanus komodoensis, in their habitat. Overall, the regency is a natural and cultural modesty that continues to illustriously enhance this rocky island. As a centre of tourist attractions on Flores, Ruteng is easily accessible by land transportation. Manggarai was once a greater regency.

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Ruteng is right at the cross superhighway between Labuan Bajo and Ende, Bajawa, or Maumere. Countless public transport pass the cities. Wherever one advances private vehicles must stop in Ruteng for a residual. Consider the assistance provided by tour operators with superb local insight and good communication ability. For details, contacts and bookings determine Find Travel Agents. In 2003 and 2007, it was divided into three regencies; West Manggarai, Manggarai, and East Manggarai. Its tactical position and geographical situation at the gradient of Mount Anak Ranaka, performs the cities of Ruteng an electrifying transport municipality and a fascinating end at the same occasion.

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