Rock Climbing at the Verdon Gorge in France
Local French climber Arnaud Petit, a legend in the sport, belays the unlegendary author Andrew Bisharat from his perch on a tree.

Rock Climb at the Verdon Gorge in France

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Rock Climb at the Verdon Gorge in France – The Verdon Gorge (Les Gorges du Verdon in French) is simply one of the world best and most famous rock climbing orbits. The Verdon offers good bolted sporting streets as well as usual descend on perfect limestone walls that are up to 1,500 feet high pitched. The Verdon Gorge, located in southeastern France, is a major descending destination in Europe, enticing calling climber from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Over 2,000 Routes At Verdon Gorge

The 13 mile long (21 kilometers) Verdon Gorge, engraved by the rushing Verdon River, offers over 2,000 sinking streets that cross from single pitch sporting streets to multi day expedite clambering romps. Most of the sinking spreads along a nine mile lengthen of south facing limestone cliffs below the 14 mile (26 kilometer) Route des Cretes, which constitutes an open loop the loop motorist from La Palud north of the canyon.

Verdon Trip Planning Information

Sounds like a great home to clamber? Now is the basic learning there is a requirement pattern your Verdon Gorge and French sinking romp now.


Verdon Gorge is located in southeastern France. The Verdon Gorge is a 2 hour drive from Marseille and Nice on the Mediterranean coast and three hours south of Grenoble. The closest airfield is at Nice, about a 2 hour drive away.

Getting To Verdon Gorge

The Verdon Gorge is dificult to reach except by vehicle, making a stay questionable for the visiting fund climber.

Renting a vehicle where you are move into, typically Paris or Marseille, plays more and better impression since you can travel to other crags, visit neighbourhood historic sites and situates on rest days, and, if the environment models made, ability south to the coast for drier environment. You likewise necessity a vehicle Make car bookings ahead of ordeal because you will was better paces than if you merely show up at the rental dominion or capacity in France.

Driving Directions To Verdon

From Paris, follow the Autoroute du Soleil A6 south through Lyon to the Avignon Sud exit. Go east on the N100 highway through Apt to Manosque. Get on the D6 now and drive through Valensole to Riez. Continue east on the D952 to Moustiers and then up the final wander street to La Palud sur Verdon.

From the south and Nice, follow the N87 highway to Castellen, then follow the N953 to La Palud.

Verdon Climbing Seasons And Weather

Climbing is probable year-round but it can be too hot in summer and too cold in wintertime. The gorge’s 3,000 foot creating open it an mutable mountain context, peculiarly because it lies between the jug alpine region to the north and the drier Provencal environment to the south.

Summer is popular and it typically is not too hot. July and August are the hottest months so climb early and advanced belatedly. Reserve the centre of the working day for a siesta. Also look for shaded streets and forgo descending in direct sunbathe. The L’Escales faces front southeast, with sunbathe from morning until mid afternoon. Ogle for smaller shaded faces outside the primary valley on red hot daytimes. Save an look upon the environment very since thunderstorms with lightning are common on time afternoons.

Get off the canyon border to a lower blemish to bypas lightning ten strikes.

Autumn is the best time to visit the Verdon Gorge, with high pressure stopping temperatures warm and neat. October, however, are frequently rainy, although it is rare to have more than 2 day of rainfall. The cliff bone dries soon after rainfall so you never lose much clambering ordeal. The outpouring months are mutable with precarious environment organizes. It can sprinkle and even snow in March and April. May is one of more and better months now although with generally warm roasted daytimes and occasional rainfall.

The orientation of the faces at Verdon Gorge typically impedes climbers from the nagging mistral breaths, which come out of the north and west now. Clambering on the primary appearance is usually fine when the mistral setbacks, although doing belay duty on the rim can be a lag.

Rules And Regulations

The Verdon Gorge is protected in a keeping realm announced Parc Naturel Regional du Verdon. At present “they dont have” sinking restraints in the ballpark and canyon. Rehearse a Leave No Trace Ethic now and follow common sense principles to avoid creating future troubles. These include :

  • Use basic decorum and good manners.
  • Avoid unwarranted noise this is a natural realm.
  • Make sure your rope and all gear is off the roadway. Also don’t stand on the roadway while belaying or watching.
  • Do not throw boulders or anything else from the tops of the faces since other people, including climbers, is a possibility below you.
  • Don’t monopolize popular streets by leaving top ropes on the deposit.
  • Follow desirable hygienic procedures by lay human spend away from the appearance treetops and routes.
  • Pack out all debris, including cigarette buttock and dominance barroom covers.
  • Don’t disturb nesting fledglings and botany.
  • Respect local residents by not ambling on cultivated subjects above the canyon, fearing stock swine, and not opening fencings and doors.
  • Be very leery of vehicle thieves, including hectic daytimes or if you leave your vehicle at remote retreats. Leave nothing of value in your vehicle and open the gauntlet carton. You can also leave your vehicle cavity open so that prospective thieves don’t erode the glass.

Accommodations And Camping

No illegal or primitive camping is allowed in the Verdon Gorge realm or in the ballpark. Most climbers stay at the village of La Palud sur Verdon, which provides for spate of changes. Two campsites, at opposite resolves of the village, are excellent. The district campground on the eastern has grassy plazas, some shaded but most sunny. It’s a good place to meet sinking partners.

Several gites or guesthouses are near La Palud. L’Etable is popular with both dormitories and private chambers. Others are L’Arc en Ciel, Auberge de Jeunesses, and Auberge des Cretes. Ogle on line for others or to make reservations, especially in summer. At present there is many hotels in the area, including Hotel La Provence, Hotel Le Panoramic, and Hotel des Gorges du Verdon.

For information on changes, contact the Office de Tourisme in La Palud or call their website.

Services, Equipment, And Guides

La Palud provisions all visitor services, including a bakery, diners, convenience store, and automated teller. Le Perroquet Vert, the neighbourhood climbing shop on the primary street, offers chalk, sinking paraphernalium, and guidebooks. It also has a diner and chambers to start. “Theres” many sinking controls, including Englishman and long time Verdon climber Alan Carne’s guide service Alan du Verdon.

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