Railway Of The Death In The Russia

Railway Of The Death In The Russia

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Railway Of The Death In The Russia – In the suburbs of Salekhard, Russia, located on the edge of the Arctic circle there is the rest of the Railway Department of Salekhard towards Igarka. The railway along the 1,300 km is known as the death railway.

Railway Of The Death In The Russia

At first construction, rail is planned to connect the Eastern and Western Siberia. However, the railroad was never completed and caused tens of thousands of workers, the project died when completing the project.

Salekhard railway was created with the aim to support the development of the Harbour on the river Ob. Building materials to be transported from West Siberian Mills through the waterway over the river.

Railway Of The Death In The Russia

But upon arriving at the mouth of the Ob, the water became too shallow for ships pass. Finally it was decided to build a railway line linking can Salekhard to Igra, with possible can proceed to the Trans Siberian railway.

An ambitious plan to conquer the Arctic was realized with the construction of this railway in 1947. The camps have supplied to accommodate the cheap labor. As many as 80 thousand of 120 thousand slaves had been brought in to work on the project.

Railway Of The Death In The Russia

Working conditions is estimated to be very brutal. On winter weather temperature can be decreased dramatically to 60 degrees Celsius. Blizzard also attacked the workers project.

And at a time the summer conditions are changed to more mosquitoes, moth and the parasite that carries the disease leads to death. Only workers with formidable stamina who can survive in such conditions.

The biggest technical challenge comes when they have to put the rail lines because of the job they become ineffective. The lack of equipment such as machines, miskinnya logistics and lack of food makes the quality of the work being below standard.

The bridge collapsed and the rain water into making the dykes on the River became ambrol. Then had a construction railroad silver bullion.

Railway Of The Death In The Russia

Construction ended upon the death of Stalin in 1953, and has 698 km new railway is completed. The construction cost of about 422 billion 1953 Rubles or the equivalent of US $10 billion dollars in the 1950s.

There has never been a note sure about the number of victims who were killed. But several sources said a third of the number of slaves died during the work of the project.

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