Peach Becomes Japan's First Airline to Accept Payment in Bitcoin

Peach Becomes Japan’s First Airline To Accept Payment In Bitcoin

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Peach Becomes Japan’s First Airline to Accept Payment in Bitcoin – For the sake of attracting attention and interest of the consumer, typically an airline will implement various marketing tactics. Starting from the promo price until the breakthrough of facilities and services which are different from the others.

But the airline this one had its own way of marketing is quite daring but also cool. It became one of the few airlines that accept payment with bitcoin.

Is the Peach, airline cheap origin Japan serving routes in Northeast Asia. The airline will become the first airline in the country who receive payments from passengers using bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is only available in the digital world. Currency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto is like an electronic e-gold or gold. However, the same function with another currency that can be used for financial transactions, especially in the digital world.

Peaches are trying new marketing ploy to attract tourists mainly of origin China and South Korea by using bitocin, as reported by cryptocoinsnews, Tuesday, May 23, 2017. The use of the bitcoin transactions of its own pretty commonplace is used in China and Japan.

Peach announced it was following government regulation that Japan acknowledge bitcoin as one form of payment and also expand investment opportunities in the technology and financial innovation. The recognition of the local government is also a step that is supported as one of the efforts to control the evil acts of money laundering and other crimes in response to the phenomenon of the high usage of the bitcoin in Japan.

Peach snap market of young children from China who often use digital payment system. Peach saw significant development among China’s youngsters who already use literacy digital payment system using bitcoin.

“We want to encourage overseas visitors and revitalize¬† region Japan” said Shinichi Inoue, Director of the Peach.

The peach is one flights under the auspices of the red plate Japan Airlines, ANA. The airline had routes to a number of countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and China. Peach also already started the exploitation to accept payment using the payment platform, Alipay digital which is already used by a half billion users in China.

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