New Frontier : Surfer Easter Island, Chile

New Frontier : Surfer Easter Island, Chile

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New Frontier : Surfer Easter Island, Chile – Easter Island, unearthed some 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile, is good known for the giant stone statues fashioned by long gone Polynesians. It’s less well known for surfing, which is good news for Navarro. Few know about the expands he is after, which cross thousands of miles across the ocean to slam into the shallow, bumpy shoal escapes of the countries of the south edge of small island developing.

“It’s one of the craziest places available in” the worlds, “suggests Navarro, who has been five times.” The waves are stunning but pretty dangerous at the same duration because it’s all boulders and shallow reefs. The waves are really powerful. “However, if you catch high winds and weather just right, perfect prodigious barrels appear and the surfers who do jeopardize out have the 20 plus foot waves all to themselves.” This island is an amazing lieu, Navarro suggests.

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