Must Do Trip : Surf Pilgrimage in Australia

Must Do Trip : Surf Pilgrimage in Australia

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Must Do Trip : Surf Pilgrimage in Australia – Australia’s Pacific Coast is residence to some of the greatest channel surf beaches in the world. Which one does Aussie native Jamie Mitchell recommend? All of them. His eventual channel surf vacation is a street tour that starts in Sydney, New South Wales, and presidents north along the Pacific Highway for 660 miles, ending in Noosa Heads, Queensland. “This is a classic channel surf pilgrimage with slews of quality gesticulates for all levels find work,” he tells.

The highlight of the roadway, according to Mitchell, is the extend that diversifies from his birthplace off Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast. For stand up paddleboarding, exclusively, he stays to high quality but uncrowded beaches like Byron Bay, Lennox Head, and Angourie. You don’t have to go to the ends of the world to have a memorable adventure, tells Mitchell. Sometimes all it takes is a movement everyone to yourself.

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