Mt Kelimutu National Park is the smallest among six national park in the stretching between Bali and the Nusa Tenggara islands

Lake Kelimutu

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Lake Kelimutu – Mt Kelimutu National Park is the smallest among six national park in the stretching between Bali and the Nusa Tenggara islands. Its portion surely does not matter much where reference is offers one of the most spectacular marvels that nature has to offer. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same mention, Kelimutu, representing’ the stewing pond’. Each has its own colours and a neighbourhood mention. But all are believed to be the resting place of departed people.

Kelimutu ponds are unreliable as to when and what paint they will change into. Sometimes, the colours are blue blooded, green, and pitch-black, and some other proceeds they turn to lily white, red faced, and blue blooded. The last place daytime a traveler heard them, one was dark brown, just like a pond of chocolate. Previously, the eastern pond was red faced and the middle pond was blue blooded.

Lake Kelimutu is part of the Kelimutu National Park, presenting a highly aesthetic its importance and surreal suffering. The national park’s highest point is 5, 679 paw at Mt Kelibara (1,731 meters), and 5,544 paws high itched (1,690 meters) at Mt Kelimutu. It is a national park that restrains 19 endemic and threatened swine, among which, the Floresian punai (Treron floris), Wallacea owl (Otus silvicola), Floresan kancilan (Pachycephala nudigula), Floresan eagle (Spizeatus floris), and Timorese tesia (Tesia everetti).

Get Around

Kelimutu area is circumvented with woodland containing botanies that are scarcely may be in Flores area. Other than yearns, there are currently casuarinas, red faced log and edelweiss. Pine forest changes well in this sit of Kelimutu Mountain. The other side of the mountain is dehydrated manor with highly unstable coast and soil. Local community has been estimated that Kelimutu Mountain is sacred and donates fertility to the nature nearby.

Visitors is simply keep walking Lake Kelimutu but not all the regions can be explored because some are dangerous and therefore inhibited. From Moni to Kelimutu, if you like to go trekking, there is a path which is shorter than the car acces direction.

Distance from Moni to the top is about 12 km. The distance to the parking lot by machine vehicle is 11 km, and then guests will climb on foot through the pathway for 30 winks.

Get There

Koanara village, in the Wolowaru sub district is closest to Mt Kelimutu, and is about 66 km from the towns of Ende, or 83 km from Maumere. Moni is the closest small town, lying at the foot of Mt Kelimutu. It is the door to Lake Kelimutu. The lull between Moni and Kelimutu is 15 km.

You can take an ojek, a motorbike taxi, vehicle or public transportation to establish “youve got to” a parking lot before Kelimutu’s peak. Buses to Ende from Maumere will pass Moni. They call it BIS KAYU or oto kol, the wooden pickup truck. From there, there must amble 30 hours along the mountain piece. “Theres” daily flights from Denpasar and Kupang to Maumere. Please refer to information on how to get there when in Labuan Bajo.

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