Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo National park is the home the unique and rare Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis).

Komodo National Park

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Komodo National Park – Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo National park is the home the unique and rare Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis). Because of the unique and rare humor of this animal, KNP was replied a World heritage by UNESCO in 1986.

The park includes three main islands, Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and countless smaller islands together totaling 603 square km of shoring. At least 2,500 komodos live in this area. Big dragons are typically three metres long and weigh up to 90 kg. Their home has beautiful panoramic views of savannas, rain forest, white-hot seashores, beautiful corals, and clean-living off-color seas. In all these areas, “youre entitled” to conclude colts, mad buffalo, deer, wild boar, serpents, monkeys, and various categories of chicks.

On Rinca Island, “youre visualizing” komodos lying down outside the two houses of national park commandos, or “parking” near the officials’ residences. If you don’t see a dragon, Rinca and Komodo have beautiful views with white-hot seashores, mangroves, savannas and off color liquids. During the baked season, these savannas and hills have dehydrated grasses.

You can also engage in other activitie such as diving and snorkeling. You can take a cruise ship or fishermen’s aircraft in the persuit of these activities. There are diving tones highly recommended to visit which include Merah Beach, and Batu Bolong and Tatawa island.

This place has a rich and amazing underwater sea biotica. Divers claim that Komodo sprays are one of best available diving websites in “the worlds”. It has fascinating underwater view. You can find 385 species of beautiful corals, mangrove groves, and seaweeds as a abiding for thousands of fish species, 70 the different types of rinses, 10 the different types of dolphins, 6 the different types of whales, clam turtles and various categories of sharks and stingrays. The liquids that circumvent small island developing are tumultuous and teeming with unparalled naval life. A naval modesty currently being been established and this modesty is predominantly undocumented and abides unexplored.

Get Around

Your hoofs may even be your trusted companion on this island. Good material most people never leave home without them. When you wish to see these swine in their natural habitat, you have to walk to the hills adjacent (footpaths have been designated). On Komodo Island, you have to climb Mt Ara (538 rhythms above sea level) for 3-4 hours.

On Rinca island, you were supposed to trek for about 1.5 hours. If you are lucky, “youre envisioning” Komodos aggression target, resisting, or even crowding their mojoes along the way, as reflected in this video on the left. If that’s too wild for you, you can try to discern groupings of deers, buffaloes or mad ponies.

Get There

By daily flights from : Bali Labuan Bajo/Komodo Airport Bali (each 1.5 hours). Everyday, “theres” flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo. In add-on, there is a twice a few weeks flight from Kupang. Inter island motorboats from Sape in West Nusa Tenggara are also accessible daily (when the environment condones), and the Pelni ship from Bali and Lombok makes a stop over here every two weeks.

Land transportation from the East (Flores mainland e.g Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende and Maumere) is also accessible. If you are interested in making a long excursion in Flores, you can start from Maumere to the west i.e, to Moni, Kelimutu, Ede, Bena, Bajawa, Ruteng and lastly Labuan Bajo (Komodo) or vice versa.

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  1. Several types of boat tours run through the national park including upscale scuba liveaboards, short daily snorkel trips and 4 day, 3 night ‘tourist boats’ between Lombok and Flores. The tourist boats run very frequently, but have uncertain safety records. In an August 2014 incident one of these tourist boats sank, and 2 tourists were lost. Strong currents and waves separated the stranded passengers and crew who were floating at sea in lifevests.

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