Located at the tip off of the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi.

Kadiri Island, Exotic Beauty Of Sulawesi

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Kadiri Island, Exotic Beauty Of Sulawesi – Located at the tip off of the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi, Kadidiri is one of small island developing in the Togean National Park that contains the wealth of the Coral Triangle. With lily white sand coasts and astonishingly glassy ocean, Kadidiri’s strange beautiful and glamour make it one of its most important tourist destinations of the neighbourhood. The islands are an extremely remote paradise, comprised of 56 nearly-uninhabited islands that have managed to preserve a natural elegance , has still not been spoiled by boy.

The Togean Archipelago is not easy to get to, but anyone willing to perform the effort will be more than honored with everything you would expect from such a hard to reach destination and more! Ultimate seclusion, inexhaustible relaxation, and superb diving and snorkelling that may very well be best available found in Indonesia if not the world. Kadidiri’s unique ecology is not limited to beneath the surface area of the ocean.

Beyond the coasts, beings of land and halo reach freely. The dense woodlands are habitat to apes, boar deer, Sulawesi hornbill and parrots, accurately to call a few. If you dare to dare into the woodlands by night, you are able even distinguish the giant, tree-climbing Coconut Crab. Coconut Crabs are the largest living moor arthropods in “the worlds”, and have a leg length that can reach up to 3 hoof. In 2008, a brand-new categories of chick was detected on the island literally living evidence of small island developing well-preserved dwelling.

Get There

Getting to Kadidiri is a challenging task, and should not be attempted unless you have time to spare. There are several ways to get to there, each taking at least a few daytimes, but the first step is always to move to the Manado International Airport in North Sulawesi. From Manado, catch one of the twice-weekly flights to Luwuk, followed by an 8-hour bus journeying to Ampana, Central Sulawesi. Ampana is the usual port to the Togean Islands.

Alternatively, you are able to move via Gorontalo City, which can be reached from Manado by bus, chartered vehicle, or airliner. From Gorontalo, boats vary once a week on an arduous 12 hour navigate to Wakai. Formerly in Wakai, you must take a speedboat to Kadidiri. Chartered speedboats are also are available at Marisa in North Sulawesi and Bunta in Central Sulawesi.

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