Holidays to New Zealand, Do Not Miss This Unique 'Dessert'

Holidays to New Zealand, Do Not Miss This Unique ‘Dessert’

Diposting pada

Handmade gourmet chocolate selection of another great quality is Seriously Good & Chocolate Company in Invercargill if you want to see directly how to make delicious desserts, or visit the Shoc Chocolatiers in Greytown or Devonport Chocolates in Auckland, where you can see the appearance of chocolate artisans directly behind the cash register.

  • Only Brown and first race in the world

Recently, August 19, the annual Jaffa in Dunedin the race pitted Brown with brown to roll over and sliding down the street — not the usual roads, but the steepest street in the world, namely the Baldwin Street. Although only 350 metres, stretching along this road uphill from the 30 m (98 ft) above sea level up to 100 m (330 ft) above sea level on the top side.

Jaffas – note – is a sweet dessert dishes and unique New Zealand origin made from dark chocolate wrapped Orange skin hard and people are consuming millions of this Brown Kiwi annually. On race day, thousands of cheering spectators who lined the road to watch the 75,000 chocolate Jaffas down from heights that compete to be the first to qualify for a slot in the winner.

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