Holidays to New Zealand, Do Not Miss This Unique 'Dessert'

Holidays to New Zealand, Do Not Miss This Unique ‘Dessert’

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Holidays to New Zealand, Do Not Miss This Unique ‘Dessert’ – Plan to spend the year-end holidays in a foreign country? You can visit New Zealand to enjoy special events along with loved ones in the middle of a series of delicious desserts behind the extraordinary beautiful scenery.

As a country that expose a wide green pastures with the best farming activities, New Zealand never lack premium dairy products. That is why New Zealand is the perfect destination to explore the richness of the sweet nature.

  • The Adventures Of Artisan Ice Cream: Giapo

Want to taste the ice cream looks like the product of art gallery? Visit Giapo Haute Ice Cream in Auckland who cultivate the art of desserts on one of the oldest and most popular in the world, namely ice cream. Craft stores this modern ice cream experiment with natural products of high quality New Zealand to give you the best flavor combination in this unique form to fill in the Instagrammu page.

Lining up alongside other customers not less penasarannya with you in 12 Gore St, Auckland to try exotic flavors like mandarin sorbet and ice cream capsicum, Gyoza Dumpling, or ‘ Colossal Squid ‘, chocolate ice cream shaped like a giant squid as a form of a tribute to the iconic Kiwi people and looks like a colossal giant squid which exists in the national museum.

  • Gourmet Chocolate with a Twist

If you are in Town, be sure to visit Patagonia Chocolates to get a sense of their cherry truffles mixed with pinot noir that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Or it could be to sample the Koa in Wanaka to enjoy the taste of authentic New Zealand chocolates made with local cream and manuka honey.