History of the scary Pirates in Madagascar

History of the scary Pirates in Madagascar

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History of the scary Pirates in Madagascar – The island of Sainte Marie or Nosy Boraha is called a narrow granite island located five miles off the East coast of Madagascar.

This tropical island is a fertile land with a sandy beach. The Bay is also shallow with coral-the coral reefs that were once used thousands of pirates to hide.

In the 19th century 17-18 the path of ships carrying cargo of spices, ivory, silk and a wealth of other items from the East Indies.

Then no wonder Sainte Marie made a safe haven from booty. While many small bays in the environment also be used also to protect them from the early storm.

Gradually, the original pirate United Kingdom, Adam co-founded the Baldigre locality of Sainte Marie in 1685. He fled from Jamaica after escape from assassination.

Within a year, Baldridge have been successfully controlled and assigning control of waters and ports under its control. He controls the local tribes and forced the Tribal Chairman to hand over livestock, food and women.

Apparently captured Baldridge was purchased by a wealthy New York merchant, who was indeed a success thanks to the efforts of exchanging money with goods from the pirates. Bridge also accommodate spoils pirates who come from Islands producing fruits and livestock.

More remarkably, Baldridge to have a warehouse full of accommodating pirated results and is ready to be traded. Baldridge themselves very wasteful lives. He built a mansion and a hilltop fortress, guarded by the women of the island women.

At its peak, around a thousand pirates living in the island including the legendary and famous characters such as Captain William Kidd, Robert Culliford, Olivier Levasseur, Henry Abraham Samuel each, and Thomas Tew.

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