Here's The Sakirin Mosque Privileges

Here’s The Sakirin Mosque Privileges

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Here’s The Sakirin Mosque Privileges – The existence of the vault up to the ornament fountains, mosques that are not too large it became one of the marker in a new era of design and architecture of the houses of worship in Turkey. My name is the Sakirin Mosque.

The architecture of the mosque which is in the ‘ her ‘ Asian Istanbul it is actually Husrev Tayla. But for some reason, the design of the building was continued later by his disciple named Zeynep Fadillioglu.

Zeynep ever implement it via a Mosque complex covering an area of 10,000 square meters modern Brasserie-with as many as 500 people capacity of people. Interestingly, Zeynep not working alone, he also assisted by many artists and craftsmen in Turkey.

Here's The Sakirin Mosque Privileges

No wonder, because the design of the garapannya as well as its ability and start working together is he crowned became the first woman in the world to design the building.

Because of the countless aspects of detail that must be observed, the Sakirin Mosque built in 4.5 years. For tourists interested in the streets and the visit there, its beautiful exterior design was the first to draw attention to.

Simple but beautiful, that’s the impression that will be obtained from the outside the building looks to involve artists in Turkey and abroad. There are two towers in sight. But the two are not equipped by the balcony where calls Muslims to prayer usually played through loud-speakers.

At first blush, the two towers are shaped like the towers of the Church. The vault of mosques themselves overlaid by panels made from aluminium.

At night, the dome shines blue Sheen by the ultra modern light. Is Arnold Chan, artist of origin United Kingdom responsible for the workmanship of the dome-shaped ‘ his ‘ shells Sakirin Mosque.

Visitors who come to the Sakirin Mosque can also witness the gray stone that dominates the exterior of the Mosque complex.

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