Emirates Offers Lftar Service For Ramadan

Emirates Offers Lftar Service For Ramadan

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Emirates Offers Lftar Service For Ramadan – For those who want to travel in this Ramadan, Emirates back offers services typical Emirates Iftar for the passengers.

A variety of special dishes will be available for passengers of all classes of cabins on some specific Emirates flights, including flights and from the Bay area as well as on flights for pilgrims to Mecca are leaving for Jeddah and Medina during Ramadan.

Service of the Iftar, the Emirates has become one of the main components for over 20 years and described the airline’s commitment to prioritize convenience for the passengers.

The shape of the packaging of the Emirates Iftar dish interesting design-inspired shades of Arab origin, namely the UAE, Emirates and this would be a practical way for passengers who perform fasting to break his fast with a healthy and nutritious food. While accommodate international tastes, Iftar menu that’s been compiled carefully will also present the typical flavours of the Middle East.

Iftar package provides a variety of options such as chicken with za’atar spinach fatayer, hummus, sandwiches and cucumber halloumi cheese, as well as traditional maamoul like candied fruits and dates, as well as yogurt. This menu will be updated in the middle of Ramadan.

Emirates uses a unique tool to calculate the correct time for Iftar imsak and during the flight. How to calculate done using longitude, latitude and altitude of the aircraft, ensure accuracy as high as possible during the flight. When the sun sets, breaking the time will be announced to the passengers by cabin crew captain. This function was developed to complement the Ramadan schedule available in each flight.

The tray contains the date palm, a symbol of Ramadan, and drinking water will also be provided at the door of departure in order to be able to Iftar passengers before boarding the plane, or when set off through the Centre of the Emirates in Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 and various other Emirates destinations. The holy month, cold dishes will be served a hot dish on the whole succeeded flight destination Jeddah and Medina, including flights to Mecca during the day.

Emirates flying from Jakarta three times and twice from Denpasar, Bali. The second flight services between Bali and Dubai will be launched on 2 July 2017.

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