Desert Morocco Sudden Changes Color

Desert Morocco Sudden Changes Color

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“When I was there, I’ve been at another time and space, where I got a different rhythm and simpler,” said Luca told Wertn in an interview.

“Four hours in the desert can be passed very quickly. The only break in the contemplative thought it was time to meet the needs of technical photography (noting the exposure film and lens, which one will be used) and to eat or drink something several times. ”

“Apart from this, if I think back on that time now, I just remember a shift light is real and ever-changing in the dunes as if my mind can put together his own time. In current flow, at some point, I knew I had to decided to photograph. Maybe a little change in the angle of the Sun makes me, somewhat unconsciously I guess, decided to take pictures, “he explained.

“When everything is done, it’s just about packing the goods, headlights, and back as well as the GPS is turned on, back to the car. And it is always amazing to see how different the place and felt better in the dark than light, “said Luca.

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