Far from the spotlights of most popular ends in other large islands.

Dato Beach, Sulawesi’s Hidden Paradise

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Dato Beach, Sulawesi’s Hidden Paradise – Far from the spotlights of most popular ends in other large islands, Dato Beach with all its splendour is absolutely a secluded beautiful obstructed within the Regency of Majene, The municipality of Majene is located on the Bay of Mandar, south of the capital Mamuju and closer to the town of Polewali in West Sulawesi. Situated really 1 km away from Bangga, the heart of Majene Regency or about 3.5 hours drive away from Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi, the beach is spotlit with beautiful rock-and roll organisations on one side and a enormous stretching white-hot sandy beach underneath a hanging face on the other.

Its soft white hot beaches make it a excellent lieu for all sorts of amusing beach sports such as beach blast, football, or structure sandcastles. The shoreline is likewise dwelling to a lot of hermit crabs in many sizings and husks. These distinct crustaceans will definitely lure the interest of a very young guests. The waters off the coast of Dato beach are relatively calm, starting it a excellent lieu for swimming or really to play around.

Below its liquid, Dato Beach also offers pristine coral reefs with various coloured fish and other sea residents that will definitely indulge those who enjoy snorkeling and diving. Rich with various kinds of fish, these waters are also a excellent recognise for fishing. From the formation on the west end of the beach, one can climb stairs leading to the top of the face. There, a superb consider of the enormous ocean awaits.

Get There

It is best to hire a automobile from Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi to get to Dato Island. The junket from Mamuju to Majene will take approximately 3.5 hours. Although some parts of the road may get a bit choppy, you will be presented with an enchanting consider of West Sulawesi, including those near Taraujung Pokki Taduang Beach, and Baluno Beach area. Formerly you get to the heart of Majene (Banggae district), turn right when you discover a placard steering “youve got to” Villa Bogor Hotel. There, go straight ahead for about 1 km until the beach comes into view. Restrain in spirit that there are no signs whatsoever heading you to the beach, so when in doubt just ask around to make sure you get your direction redres.

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