Climb Mount Democrat - a Colorado Fourtener

Climb Mount Democrat – a Colorado Fourtener

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Climb Mount Democrat – a Colorado Fourtener – Mount Democrat is Colorado’s 29 th highest surface and is one of the happiest of the state’s Fourteeners to descend. The 14,155 feet high mountain rises accurately east of the Continental Divide at the northern point of the Mosquito Range.

Good Fourteener For Beginnners

Colorado has 54 or 55 mountains of 14,000 feet or higher (depending on which criteria you use to decide what is a Fourteener). Mount Democrat by itself is a great condescends for novice mountaineers as well because children.

You might want to choose it if you are a lowland mountain climber unaccustomed to Colorado’s thin air, representing you at risk of altitude sickness.

The Mosquito Range a long bumpy crest with four 14,000 feet meridians that runs south from the Divide and Hoosier Pass to the twin Buffalo Peaks above Buena Vista in hub Colorado. Mount Democrat , nonetheless, is frequently clambered in a period with two nearby meridians 14,286 feet Mount Lincoln and 14,173 feet Mount Bross allowing climbers to easily pouch three Fourteeners. Mount Sherman, another fast Fourteener, is a dozen miles to the south.

Mount Democrat Is Popular

Mount Democrat is a speedy hike if you are fit since you can common at 12,000 paws at Kite Lake, leaving simply 2,000 feet of raising advantage to the summit and a round trip hike of four miles. Because it is close to the Front Range metropolitans and is relatively easy to descend, it is very popular in summer, particularly on weekends.

Try to propose your ascending on a weekday to avoid legion.

Best Climbing Season Is Summer

The good is necessary to advance Mount Democrat is from early June to mid-September. Expect snow on the east front of the mountain in June and promote an frost axe. The itinerary is frequently free of snow by early July and bides that superhighway until the snow holds, generally in late September.

Mount Democrat makes a good wintertime breakthrough, although it requires skiing or snowshoeing up the road to Kite Lake from Alma. The itinerary is generally free from cloudburst jeopardy. It’s also a delightful snow move forward in May when the snow has consolidated.

Watch For Thunderstorms And Lightning

Treat Mount Democrat while ensuring respect. Even though it is considered an fast breakthrough, the mountain can be dangerous. Thunderstorms regularly brew up in the Colorado Rockies virtually every afternoon and can quickly move onto the surface.

Because you’re hiking up Democrat’s east margined, you’re unlikely to see weather making to the west. Get an early start and plan to be off the summit by midday at the latest to evade thunderstorms and lightning. Carry rain gear and additional invests to evade hypothermia as well as carry The Ten Essentials.

Finding the Trailhead

From Fairplay on the northwest periphery of South Park, drive northward from US 285 for eight miles on CO 9 to the small town of Alma. Alma is also reached during driving south from I-70 through Breckenridge and over Hoosier Pass.

In Alma, bun west on Buckskin Creek Road (Park County 8) and follow it seven miles to Kite Lake. The last place mile of the road can be very rough but can usually be negotiated in a two wheel drive vehicle.

If the road is too bumpy for your slap, “theres” recedes along the way where you can common and hike to Kite Lake.

Climbing Mount Democrat

The trailhead to descend Mount Democrat is at 12,000 feet at Kite Lake in a wide reaching cirque southeast of the mountain. A good, easy to follow road ascends Mount Democrat’s southeast ascent to a saddle between Democrat to the west and 14,238 feet Mount Cameron, an unranked Fourteener, to the east. It then condescends the east crest to a final soothing position to the summit.

Begin by hiking northward on the road up a long steady ascent to steeper downgrades on the lower east front of Mount Democrat. Follow the road which switchbacks up the steep downgrades to the self evident saddle between Mount Democrat and Mount Cameron at about 13,400 feet.

Turn west at the saddle and continue providing the road up the broad masses of the eastern crest of Mount Democrat, cleaning scree downgrades and entangled boulders.

At 13,800 feet you reach a plausible top at the top of the crest. Cross a wide plateau, conveying the remaining an old-fashioned miner’s cabin, and clamber up a final bumpy pyramid to the true surface.

Descend by the same route back to your vehicle at Kite Lake unless you plan to climb the other two Fourteeners in the group. Admit 3 to 4 hours to contact Mount Democrat’s top and another two or so hours to sink back to Kite Lake.

Fast Facts About Mt. Democrat

  • Peak : Mount Democrat, 14,149 feet (4,315 rhythm)
  • Prominence : 748 feet (229 rhythm)
  • Location : Center Colorado. Northwest of Fairplay and east of Leadville. Pinpointed in Park and Lake provinces.
  • Range : Mosquito Range
  • GPS Coordinate : 39.33970 deg N/106.1394 deg W
  • Difficulty : Class 2. Hiking and clambering over boulders
  • Trailhead Elevation : 12,000 feet at Kite Lake
  • Elevation Add on : 2,150 feet from Kite Lake (bumpy 4 wheel drive access). 2,750 feet from 11,400 feet (point of 2 wheel drive access)
  • Round Trip Period : 4.0 miles from Kite Lake
  • Maps : USGS Quads: Climax, Alma. Trails Instanced : #109 Pike National Forest delineate
  • Camping : Camping at Kite Lake
  • Lodging : Hotels and motels are in Fairplay to the southeast

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