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Bintan Islands, Indonesia

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Bintan Islands, Indonesia – Situated just a ferry ride away from Singapor or Johor Bahru in Malaysia, as well as its neighboring Batam Island, Bintan is most important island in the Riau Islands province and one that offers the perfect getaway with its high-end recourses, world class golf course, and freshening coastal atmosphere.

tanjung pinang at countries of the south west coast of small island developing is the capital city of the Riau Islands Province. Aside from the center of activities of the local population, Tanjung Pinang too feature a number of historical patrimony places. This include Senggarang, the unique village on stilts and a large Buddhist temple near international airports known as the Maritria temple or Vihara Avalokitesvara. Just off the coast of the city, Penyengat Islands was once the seat of the Johor-Riau kingdom and in the 19 thcentury became the cultural capital of the Malay world. The restored Sultan’s palace here is an interesting coalesce of Javanese and Dutch architecture. Now one can also find the royal family’s’ crypts, castle, and the majestic mosque of Mesjid Raya Sultan Riau Penyengat.

Bintan’s main sightseer attraction today, however, is Bintan Resorts, a fantastic coast celebration destination in the northern part of the island, covering 23,000 hectares along the entire sandy white coast coping with the South China Sea. Bintan has now become a world class Sport-Tourism destination attracting thousands of all the countries to compete in its marathons, triathlons, extreme sports and golf objections.

There are currently ten independently beach useds, four designer golf course, as well as a range of recreational facilities and attractions located within the fully integrated Bintan Resorts.

Lately, to lure even more pilgrims, a huge mand made lagoon has been added at Lagoi surrounded by new four-star and other comfort hotels. In Bintan Resort are : Bintan Lagoon Resort, Lagoi Bay Villas, Angsana Bintan, Banyan Tree Bintan, The Canopi, The Sanchaya, Swiss-Bel Hotel, Ria Golf Lodge, Nirwana Gardens, and more.

Located south west of the thorough Bintan Recourse tourism locality, just at its very borderline, are pristine mangrove groves bisected by the tortuou, clear creek of Sungei Sebung. Tourists can take a boat journey almost right to the source of the river, and suffer a thrilling trip into the world of humid mangroves : watch apes, kingfishers, otters, tree snakes and even thousands of fireflies cause radiating daybreaks at night, glowing up the bushes like Christmas trees. At the same meter pilgrims assist in perpetuating this precious pristine surrounding from eradication.

Whereas, east of the island, is a long stretching of white hot coast, scattered with picturesque massive stones, called Trikora Beach. This is the popular beach playground for neighbourhoods but likewise for those “re coming out” Singapore and Malaysia. A little more to the south is an island called Nikoi, where an upmarket, secluded outlet eco resort has been developed for those who love to dwell among pristine quality, Robinson Crusoe like, but with a flair of consolation and comfort. Here is also a cave devoted to the Virgin Mary with a small chapel and the Stations of the Cross, constructed by Vietnamese refuges, but is still very much visited today.

Get There

Considering its close proximity to Singapore and Malaysia, most pilgrims recruit Bintan through by ocean. From Singapore, there are three hustlers (Penguin, Indo Falcon, and Berlian/Webmaster) that give repeated works from Tanah Merah Terminal in Singapore to Sri Bintan Pura Terminal at Tanjung Pinang and Bandar Bentan Telan Terminal at Bintan Resorts. From Johor Baru Malaysia, 5 ferries serve the daily planned between Johor Bahru Ferry Terminal to Sri Bintan Pura Terminal, Tanjung Pinang.

From the capital city of Jakarta there are currently daily flights to the Raja Haji Fisabililah Airport in Bintan Island, that is served by Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air.


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