Best Cities For Vegans Around The World

Best Cities For Vegans Around The World

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Best Cities For Vegans Around The World – You’re a vegetarian? Definitely will be a bit of a hassle to keep the diet while traveling outside the area. Plans for the holidays become more full consideration because not all places can accommodate the needs of food that you consume.

But now do not worry anymore when you traveled to Italy. The reason, recently the new mayor of Turin, Italy, Chiara Appendino want to pamper travellers who are indeed consistent only eat vegetables and fruits, as well as avoid animal protein.

Appendino has just announced that he is eager to make the city more welcoming to vegetarians.

He released a 62-page manifesto, the contents are about plans to further promote vegan and vegetarian diets a priority.

When would this manifesto will be released to the public are still not known, but we all know, that city was later expected to be able to introduce lessons about animals and sustainability benefits of vegan, as well as the vegetarian lifestyle in the schools, and he surely will support the vegan and vegetarian diet to the public.

This manifesto reads “promote vegan and vegetarian diet is a fundamental action in keeping our environment, the health of the citizens and the welfare of animals. Medical experts, nutrition and politics will help promote this culture in different schools, teach kids how they eat well while protecting the Earth and regard for the rights of animals”

With this, Surely it is vegan and vegetarian will have more support. People will understand more about how their diet.

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