9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

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9-Hole The Mysterious In The World – When discussing about the Earth’s surface, there are a few places that do have the extraordinary beauty, but there are also some places that contain elements of mystery.

One of the most mysterious thing that there is a hole on the surface of the Earth that are sometimes unknown origin, how the formation, or it is not known what are the contents in the hole.

Although not a place haunted, but looking at the hole which was either not yet known how the formation or unknown contents inside, definitely scary. following his review

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Dean’s Blue Hole is a mysterious hole that is located on the coast of Long Island in the Bahamas, where the hole is said to be formed naturally and has a depth of less than 300 meters.

The holes have a shape almost perfectly round gives a pretty striking tint caused the difference between the depth of the waters surrounding with holes.

  • Mount Baldy Sink Hole in Indiana

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

In the year 2013, appeared a hole mysterious as deep as the 3.5 metres at Mount Baldy at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a region located in Southern Lake Michigan, United States.

The hole suddenly sucking a little boy, the little boy was successfully rescued by the evacuation team several hours after the incident. Until now, the hole is still mysterious.

Mount Baldy is a mountain of sand with a height of 126 meters. Locals refer to it as the bumps of life refers to the fact that this always moving dunes (shifting) each year.

  • Ice Cube a Neutrino Observatory in the Antarctic Hole

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

This mysterious holes is one of man-made holes holes in the situated in the Antarctic, where known, the hole in this place is very much a hole of about 86.

To make a hole in of Antarctica using a drill pipe hot water to a depth of hole between 1000-2500 meters with the aim to observe Neutrinos.

Neutrino is a particle of the neutral note turned out to be coming from outside the solar system. To observe the particles used a telescope placed in the holes.

  • Giant Blue Hole in Belize

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Mysterious hole is located in one of the East coast of Central America, namely Belize, located near the Lighthouse Reef is a small island in the country of Belize, about 70 km from the Mainland and Belize City.

A hole with a diameter of about 300 metres away and in about 124 meters have been formed since the era of the ice, where it was, it was still in the hole of the Plains. Then when the ice era ended and sea level rise, after that the water fill hole.

  • Glory Hole in California

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Mysterious hole next is located in California, more accurately was at Monticello, where the dam hole was created by man as the waterways so that water in dams is not oozes out. The actual name of this hole is “Morning Glory Spillway”, but the residents around the dam was used to call it “Glory Hole”. The workings of this hole is simple only when water Weirs already exceed this hole then automatically serves as sewer water.

In addition, this hole is also one of the pit of death, which in the past 1997, there’s never been a reckless youth who swim in the dam, and he was sucked into the hole.

  • 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole in Guatemala

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Next is a mysterious hole that formed unexpectedly in urban areas in Guatemala City. This hole is formed because the land at that location vanish entered into the Earth.

It is estimated, leading to the formation of the holes as far as 30 meters away due to several factors, including tropical storm Agatha, the eruption of Pacaya, and occurrence of sewer pipeline leaks.

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Jacob’s Well is a hole of water which is very deep and dangerous in Wimberley, Texas, United States, where it is rumored there have been several cases of deaths in this hole due to drowning.

Actual depth of this hole is only about 10 meters, but by the time spring comes, hole will be deeper, because it will be directly connected with the underground river that existed in the area.

Because it is considered dangerous, so local governments give warnings not to swim in the water hole, but nonetheless still many tourists coming and reckless swim there.

  • Kimberley Mine in South Africa

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

Kimberley Mine was the biggest hole in the world. The unique hole which was in South Africa, not shaped by nature, but created by human hands for looking for diamonds.

The story in the 19th century, approximately 50,000 miners began finding diamonds in this place, and found about 2,700 kg of diamonds in the mine. Well, the rest of their work which produces the biggest hole in the world.

  • The door to hell in Turkmenistan

9-Hole The Mysterious In The World

The last of the mysterious hole that is The Door to Hell located in Turkmenistan. The hole is in the very famous Derweze with natural gas and eternal flame that is always turned on.

More or less the same as the Kimberley Mine pits, The Door to Hell is also not formed naturally, but accidentally unearthed in 1971 of the past by some geologists searching for natural gas.

But after a natural gas found by a considerable amount, then the methane gas rising to the surface. This condition makes the locals fear the impact of such natural gas, so the geologists decided to disappear with the way methane gas is burned. But burning methane gas does not come off until now.

Now that is some mysterious holes that exist on the surface of the Earth. Although there are some people who say that these holes is an interesting place worth visiting, but not the bit that says should stay away from those holes.

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