7 The Coldest City In The World

7 The Coldest City In The World

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7 The Coldest City In The World – As it is known, the coldest temperature in the world was in the South Pole, more precisely at Vostok Station where the research belongs to Russia, in the year 1983, recorded the highest temperature is-89.2 degrees Celsius.

In some countries with four seasons, temperatures during the winter, temperatures can reach up to-50 degrees Celsius. Thus, what city has the coldest temperature on Earth at the time of the winter? following his review

  • Yakutsk

The coldest city in the world’s first city of Yakutsk in Russia, in winter the average temperature between-40 degrees Celsius to-50 degrees Celsius, even never reach-65 degrees Celsius.

Despite having a very extreme weather at the time of the winter, but the city still inhabited by about 300 thousand people. In addition, in the city of Yakutsk, there are several interesting museums, visited one of the Mammoth Museum.

Mammoth in the Museum, you can see the giant skeletons are very popular, or Permafrost Museum to learn about various types of ice, and many other interesting museums are visited.

  • Norilsk

The coldest city in the world in the next IE Norilsk, the city was still in the country of Russia, more precisely in the northern part of Krasnoyarsk territory or about 2,878 km of the capital of Russia, namely Moscow.

In addition to being one of the coldest cities in the world, the city of Norilsk is also one of the most polluted cities in the world, where high Platinum, Palladium, nickel, gold, silver, copper, and cobalt, much mined in the town.

In winter, the temperature can reach -30 degrees Celsius and at the time of the summer could reach 30 degrees Celsius. And keep in mind, the city of Norilsk is a closed city, so all foreigners are required to ask for special permission to visit there.

  • Dikson

Further still in the country of Russia city of Dikson. The city is dipesisir the Kara Sea, the northernmost region of Krasnoyarsk or about 2,729 km from the capital of Russia, namely Moscow. The town can be reached by using the ships down the Yenisei River.

the climate of this town is more extreme than in the city of Norilsk, began in September temperatures were below zero degrees until June, where the snow will start to melt. In addition, the city is also often stormy black case.

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