7 Restrictions That Apply In New Zealand, Tourists Should Know

7 Restrictions That Apply In New Zealand, Tourists Should Know

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7 Restrictions That Apply In New Zealand, Tourists Should Know – New Zealand, this beautiful small country once dubbed the most Islamic country and safest in the world. Dont wonder Yes, many travelers who claim to feel very comfortable when travelling to New Zealand.

Because it all, until now this country still is one of my favorites from the world tour. Many people like to take a vacation to the ‘ land of the Hobbits ‘.

But, before you follow-up on holiday there, it’s good to know it used to be some restrictions here. These prohibitions apply in New Zealand, although some were not written. What is it? Yuk refer to his review.

  • Smoking

you who have the habit of smoking, you’d better not do this less good habits while visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand banned you for smoking in public transport, office buildings, pubs and restaurants. So it’s good if you want to smoke, look at his place what really allowed to smoke or not.

  • Give a tip

Like in Japan, in New Zealand you also do not have to give a tip even though you get the best service.

  • Hand signals “V” or “Victory”

When a picture or do various other things, should you not provide hand signals “V” or “Victory”.

  • Wrap gifts in red

We recommend that you do not wrap gifts you want to give to a friend, the friend in New Zealand with the color red. This is because the color red is considered less good.

  • Touch the hair and scalp

When you are in New Zealand, we recommend you not to touch the hair or the head of the New Zealand people, because it would be considered disrespectful.

  • Rarely use cash

New Zealand citizens very rarely use cash, they pay a lot more things with their cards. So it’s good, while on vacation to New Zealand you prepare the payment card.

  • It’s too late

Nothing like anyone with the word “late” while promis, no exception those New Zealand or New Zealand. So it’s good when you’re janjian with friends or friends with the likes of New Zealand, do not get late Yes!

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