6 The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities In The World

6 The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities In The World

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6 The Most Environmentally Friendly Cities In The World – Issues Eco-friendly indeed later start to the attention of the international community. The condition of the Earth that no longer healthy make many countries vying to apply various policies that can make the environment green back.

Talking about the issue of the environmentally friendly, global property portal Lamudi summarizes the 10 most environmentally friendly city in the world. These cities can be the most appropriate choice of for you who are looking for a reference tourist destination. Sightseeing in 10 cities this is definitely comfortable.

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. The local community is very caring towards the site clean environment, so it’s no wonder there you will see a lot of people passing by using the bike instead of using a motor vehicle.

There is also a very clean canals so that can be used for rowing. Because of the clean and green the city is no wonder local government Copenhagen as a target capital level of carbon neutral in 2025.


Vancouver is a city in the West of Canada. By the Government of Canada, Vancouver made a model of the city in terms of the provision of renewable energy sources. The city also has 200 parks which can make residents get a steady supply of clean air.


Amsterdam currently has prepared a masterplan a city-friendly environment. Downtown later will have a new Park, food market, environmentally friendly transportation in order to reduce the impact of pollution.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. The city has been designing and constructing green buildings that are environmentally friendly. The city also has a clean canals, which can be used for sightseeing.


Singapore became one of the cleanest cities in Asia. The City Government has a very strong commitment to creating a clean, green environment.

One of them is like making the high trees called Supertree. Artificial trees rise at least 50 meters has benefits excellent to hold rain water and soak up the Sun. In addition it also has many green building one is SkyPark, namely the spacious gardens with a length of 340 metres above the Marina Bay.


Portland being one of the greenest town in America. The city became the first to apply the concept of environment-friendly with building a building “green building”.

The City Government has also been trying hard to educate its citizens in order to care for the environment. By prohibiting the use of plastic bags as well as carpooling campaign to reduce vehicle pollution.

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