6 Cool Mall in Bahrain that Offer an Unusual Shopping Sensation

6 Cool Mall in Bahrain that Offer an Unusual Shopping Sensation

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6 Cool Mall in Bahrain that Offer an Unusual Shopping Sensation – Can visit and a walk to beautiful country off the coast of Saudi Arabia it is luck. Because, one country is arguably as shopping paradise.

Bahrain had a lot of high-quality shopping centers so that tourists would normally be difficult to determine what to buy or where to have to go shopping when there are in Bahrain.

From cheap shopping to the upscale retail stores, all available in Bahrain. And the following TravelWaw will be reviewing for you 6 ‘ Shopping Malls ‘ the best there is in Bahrain.

Bahrain Mall

Located in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, Bahrain Mall is a one stop solution that guaranteed can give you the best shopping experience in Bahrain. This is the shopping complex which is very popular among local residents and foreigners. This is reflected by the number of visitors. Even the average visitors about 480,000 per month. This multilevel complex offers buyers a choice of international and local brands that will give you the most satisfying shopping experience.

Dana Mall

Dana Mall is located in the Seef District Manama which is known as the retail area in the country, You will find that the Mall is not only a great place to shop but also a great place to have fun or sightseeing. Equipped cinema complex, the mall is becoming the best place for a family outing. The mall’s food court is also quite popular as it offers a great selection of halal food typical of Bahrain.

Seef Mall

Seef Mall located near the Dana Mall, as popular, and is also the second largest mall in Bahrain. The Mall is very comfortable and easy to reach since it is located near the city’s main thoroughfare.

Bahrain City Centre

One of the best locations to get the shopping experience at once a great entertainment is the Bahrain City Centre. Famous for being the first and largest shopping center in Bahrain, the mall will provide a shopping experience that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Al Aali Shopping Complex

This shopping complex is one of the best places to pamper yourself with a luxurious shopping experience in Bahrain. It is one of the largest malls in the country, increasingly prominent since its existence was often so the venue for the annual festival of the arts.

Bahrain Shopping Festival

Though not a mall, Bahrain Shopping Festival held at the Bahrain Exhibition Center is a great place to get amazing deals. This often shopping festival was held ahead of the festive season and give a chance to the muslim visitors to shop from a variety of vendors, ranging from international brand suppliers to local traders. Because of the discounts and amazing deals, this being one of the best cheap shopping in Bahrain.

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