5 The Airline World That Provides Free Wifi

5 The Airline World That Provides Free Wifi

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5 The Airline World That Provides Free Wifi – The traveler is generally spent much of their time inside the plane. The anticipated flight from one city to another or even around the world. The aircraft as a “second home” for them. Hours and hours of time spent over the air.

Therefore, the traveler will generally be very selective in choosing the airline before traveling. In order for the time the aircraft remained qualified and which can certainly be enjoyed in comfort.

In addition to comfort, other things that are normally the subject of consideration in choosing the airline is completeness of facilities. And one of the important facilities are the main attraction for the traveler is the presence of wifi onboard.

Yes, the existence of wifi on planes is indeed quite important to the traveler. Because every time they need a wifi connection to share special moments in social media. Unfortunately, not all airlines provide onboard wifi facilities.

Only a few airlines that provide it. Of which 5 airlines the following.

  • Emirates (EK)

The airline is headquartered in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates is not only becoming the largest airline in the Middle East, but it’s also one of the best airlines in the world.

If you are flying with the airline, particularly in this type of aircraft, the Airbus A380 You can enjoy inflight wifi free in all flight classes with a quota of 10 MB. Still lacking? You can purchase additional quota with a starting price of 1 USD per 500 MB.

  • Aer Lingus (El)

Ireland’s second-largest airline offers onboard wifi free for its Business Class passengers on board the Airbus A330 series throughout the transatlantic route.

But if ye will not fly in business class, You can also pay for onboard wifi at around 14.95 USD for 1 hour or for $24.95 USD for a duration of 24 hours of usage.

The largest airline and the pride of Indonesia Society offers free WiFi if you fly First Class on Boeing 777-300ER or Airbus 330-200/300. When you fly in business class or economy in the Boeing 777-300ER, You can buy a package of inflight wifi with price 11.95 USD for a duration of 1 hour or for 21.95 USD for a duration of 24 hours.

While if you flying with Airbus 330-200/300 in business class and economy, You can buy a package price with onboard wifi 2.49 USD for mobile devices a quota 3 MB and 9.95 USD for mobile devices or with 10 MB quota price 9.95 USD to 10 MB quota laptop devices and laptop devices 21.95 USD for 25 MB quota.

  • Air China (CA)

Have more than 289 flights in 30 countries, starting from Asia to the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America, origin of the China Airlines offers free wifi to all customers.

Nevertheless, While this wifi facility can only be used on a laptop and can not be used in smartphones.

  • Hong Kong Airlines (HX)

If planning on flying with the airline, make sure you search for flights using aircraft type Airbus A330-200. Why is this so?

Because the entire Hong Kong Airlines passengers on the plane will get free onboard wifi facilities! Make sure you are connected with the provider OnAir while on board the aircraft to be able to enjoy it.

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