5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For ‘Green’ Travelers

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5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For ‘Green’ Travelers – World Tourism Organization United Nations set 2017 as the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for development”. In line with this, the hotels in Indonesia and in Asia as a whole has also been doing various initiatives that not only limited to recycle waste but serves organic food to support the programs of eco-friendly tourism.

An example is integrating the aspects of ‘ green ‘ into the design and architecture, even providing marine biology experts to accompany travelers on educational trips in the middle of their vacation.

“As an effort to protect the environment, base camps-plan Green gives a positive impact in this regard. From the survey that has been done, Agoda found that 58% of hotel guests prefer environmentally friendly lodging, while almost 40% of tourists willing to spend money on additional of 10 u.s. dollars per night to stay in lodging that is environmentally friendly, “said Gede Gunawan, Country Director for the international Indonesia, Agoda quoted from remarks written press, Tuesday 4 July 2017.

Starting from the Inn at the edge of the beach in Bali to a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, here are six eco-friendly lodging recommended Agoda. Hotel-this hotel is the best choice to experience the adventure of ‘ green ‘.

Hotel Icon – Hong Kong

Located in the urban oasis is dedicated to the education of ecotourism and environmental sustainability – as evidenced by the cooperation of tourism Majors interwoven with Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Base camp Agoda has more than 8000 towering plants grown vertically surrounded the hotel, heating and cooling systems that use energy-efficient lighting and natural ventilation, the natural, the hotel’s registration system requires no paper, as well as programs waste recycling and food donations. The most interesting, base camp also offers Airport Shuttle Limousine service, car-burning electricity by Tesla.

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers

ParkRoyal on Pickering – Singapura

This charming building is rarely encountered by travellers! With its unique and rugged architecture combines elements of grey concrete with terraced gardens that resemble rice paddies in Bali. The hotel is eco-friendly in the outside-in the program because it comes with the collection of rainwater, solar panels, and the LED lights are installed throughout the property. Guests can also discover the living wall, open corridors, and waterfalls in the park along 300 meters around the building. The efforts to create environmentally friendly building, this hotel was awarded The Green Mark Platinum Award – the highest award will be ecological consciousness in practice building.

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers

Soori Bali – Bali, Indonesia

Located along the shore of Uluwatu, base campers will find Soori Bali as a luxury lodging perfect comfort away from the hustle and bustle of Denpasar. Agoda base camp was built using recycled materials and designed to blend in with nature and the surrounding hills by retaining the natural elements of flora and fauna. As a pioneer in ecotourism, this property is the first in Indonesia who get the highest level of certification; the Green Globe for Environmentally Sustainable Design!

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers


El Nido Pangulasian – Palawan, Filipina

Located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, Agoda base camp offers to manage its own discharge processing installation, make sure that none of the waste discharge mengontaminasi the sea and separates (plastic, organic waste, paper) prior to recycling. In addition, the hotel also cultivate rainwater for use in guest rooms and residence staff. This base camp offers only seafood that is safe and sustainable, as well as water activity that does not harm the sea like kayaking and snorkeling because the motor equipment can be potentially damaging to the marine environment.

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers

Gayana Eco Resort – Gaya Island, Malaysia

Located on the beach off Kota Kinabalu, #agodabasecamp is spread along the sea. This residence is the villa above the glass-bottomed waters that allows tourists to view marine life beneath it. It also has the hot tub is open just a few steps from the sea and offers spectacular views of Mount Kinabalu. The base camp has a marine ecology research center that houses the professional marine biologist focusing on the care and rehabilitation of coral reefs as well as nearly extinct giant Mussel.

5 Eco-Friendly Hotel Recommendations For 'Green' Travelers


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