5 Dangerous Cities In The World But Being a Tourist Paradise

5 Dangerous Cities In The World But Being a Tourist Paradise

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5 Dangerous Cities In The World But Being a Tourist Paradise – The security level has certainly been one of the factors taken into consideration when choosing a place for a person travelling. But do you know? There are several places that are considered to have a high crime rate but it was precisely this a lot of good tourist spot.

Our auto summary following some places challenging in the world with a high level of criminality, but worth a visit for sightseeing.

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, the crime rate in the city is very high. Murder, illegal arms sales are commonplace things happening in the city. But do you know? However it turned out that the city is saving some of the sights a very dear to miss such a Museum of anthropology, the Church of San Pedro Apostol that has interesting architecture, tour the eco park to tour the water in Zizima Eco Water Park.

  • Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The city was ranked second in global crime rate index. In Pietermaritzburg, you do not need to avoid dangerous spot for tourists because of all the dangerous area. However, Pietermaritzburg is home to myriads of exotic plants and flowers, so that the Botanic experts refer to this city as a haven. Forests and grasslands are also available to explored. While history lovers can visit the last place Nelson Mandela addressed a in Imbali, before finally being arrested in 1962.

  • Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is one city that has a high crime rate in Brazil, But behind the City turns out to be is a haven for those shopping enthusiast. Not only that, the city also has a very beautiful beach, so it is very suitable for those already saturated travel to Rio de Janeiro.

Based on the survey results, the city of San Salvador, El Salvador ranked 8 as the city with the highest crime rates in the world. However this city has a very good tourist attractions. Beaches with world-class surfing spots, coffee plantations, colonial town that was so alive and green National Park is found in San Salvador.

  • Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the largest city in Africa. The crime figures in place is one of the highest in Nigeria. However, the city has a variety of interesting sights, such as the Zoo, old churches, museums, beautiful beaches, shopping centres and much more.

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