5 Countries that prohibit Visits Israel Citizens

5 Countries that prohibit Visits Israel Citizens

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5 Countries that prohibit Visits Israel Citizens – The actions of Israel which continues to suppress and stormed the Palestinian people make the existence of this country become so controversial. Consequently, the impact on their diplomatic relations with other countries in the world. Especially countries which has a majority muslim population.

There are currently around 20 countries in the world to refuse admission of the nation Israel. Of the 20 countries, There are three of them who most loudly denounce the Passport belongs to the citizens of the country that the star of David.

In fact, the five countries that firmly set in their legislation in order to strong legally is not willing to accept the passport of the citizens of Israel.

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Iran became one of the countries most opposed to the existence of Israel. Its peak, When the leadership held by former President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. In the Conference of the United Nations (UN), Iran does not hesitate “slap” the delegation of Israel through a blazing Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Although now already not too overtly hostile, the Government of Iran still not removed the ban on Passport citizens of Israel go into the land of Iran.

Israel imposed the law prohibits any its citizens go to Iran. Based on the nationality law of 1952, Iran was the first country in order not to be penetrated by Zionist residents unless they want to be penalized heavily.

  • Aljazair

According to Israel’s law, Algeria was still including the country to be visited. However different the attitude with Israel, the Government of Algeria prohibit hard and reject the Zionist residents admission to their territory.

The Algerian Government often condemn Israel even as barbarians. Algeria, Qatar and Turkey together into a great country of berandil in helping the citizens of Gaza, especially in providing food supplies and medicines.

  • Malaysia

Neighbouring Indonesia has also become one of the countries which have never allow citizens of Israel go into their territory. If there is a very urgent Affairs, should invoke the approval of Malaysia’s domestic Affairs. Of course with the convoluted bureaucracy.

Just as Indonesia, Malaysia any time up to now have not had diplomatic relations with Israel. None of these travel agents offering travel packages to the Zionists that.

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