5 Best Chocolate Tourist Destinations In New Zealand

5 Best Chocolate Tourist Destinations In New Zealand

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5 Best Chocolate Tourist Destinations In New Zealand – New Zealand is a perfect tourist destination. The country has all the things that can pamper the tourists.

With an area of New Zealand which is easy to reach, You can easily down at once to feel the various sights such as the splendid mountains, Crystal clear beaches, a quiet river, extensive vineyards, and many more other attractions.

You can choose various kinds of tourism, good for the lone goal, looking for a fun, relaxing or adventurous. New Zealand lets you to design yourself a memorable honeymoon.

New Zealand is also famous for its delicious cocoa and premium quality. Because of that, many foreign tourists who come to the land of the Hobbits were sake tasting chocolate delights of New Zealand immediately.

Well, to treat the curious, Here we review the best 5 Brown tourist destinations in New Zealand:

The Silky Oak Chocolate Company

Silky Oak Chocolates is a paradise for fans of chocolate. You can visit the Silky Oak Chocolates and learn about the evolution of creation this patisseries. By visiting this chocolate shop, You can watch the process of making chocolate and can directly inhale the aroma of chocolate. You are allowed to choose from the shelf of chocolate gifts chocolate or choose his own Tan you want. In the cafe, good food or beverages all available products that are new and fresh. After that, let’s move on to the chocolate museum. Here we can learn about the history of chocolate since 3000 years ago. The Museum contains a wide range of information, including chocolate pot 2500 years old.

Mid Canterbury’s Own Bullrush Chocolates

Bull Rush Chocolate became very popular in New Zealand. They switched into a special chocolate maker company was still in the plantation area of Ashburton. Each chocolate is still made manually an important thing for the Bull Rush to keep maintaining the uniqueness of his company. Bull Rush Chocolate instead of simply chocolate for the region and the region of Mid Canterbury Ashburton.

Whittaker’s Chocolate

Whittaker’s is Special chocolate factory is located in Porirua, New Zealand. Whittaker’s is the second largest chocolate brand in New Zealand, after Cadbury. Whittaker’s control all the process of making chocolate, by holding the concept of companies ‘ bean-to-bar’, to make sure his product with the best quality.

Cadbury World Experience

Discover the magic of Cadbury following the Cadbury World Experience. Here you will learn about the history of Cadbury and chocolate itself in the Visitor Centre. Next you’ll be brought into Cadbury World Sensory Lab where you can see a range of elements in the process of making chocolate, starting from cocoa beans to be a Cadbury Chocolate. Here you will see a heated chocolate and mixed with some other ingredients to make a valuable, Kiwi icons, even you can also create awesome creation itself. The tour ends with a splash of sweet while enjoying the Cadbury World Chocolate Fall.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Watch the process of making chocolate from beginning to end by experts and taste of chocolate while enjoying delicious best organic hot chocolate. A typical natural taste very pronounced, Trinidad & Tobago have a little taste mint & lychee and Peru has a taste of apricot, While Madagascar has a slight taste of raspberry jam. Is packed with chocolate wrap packaging designed by local artists such as Simon Morse, Gina Kiel and Malarky.

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