10 Facts Of Mount Everest Which Turns Out To Be Not The Highest Mountain In The World

10 Facts Of Mount Everest Which Turns Out To Be Not The Highest Mountain In The World

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10 Facts Of Mount Everest Which Turns Out To Be Not The Highest Mountain In The World – Many of the climbers dream and try to conquer Mount Everest after Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay managed to make a new history by conquering the world’s highest mountain in 1953. But also not a few who failed to realize the dream of conquering the mountain which leads to death.

How not, apart from this height to reach the 8,848 meters above sea level, this mountain is also inhabited by a species of spiders are most toxic ready death. These spiders are often found around the Mount Everest at an altitude of 6,700 metres.

In fact, many climbers ignore such dangers for the sake of realizing their dream of conquering the world’s highest mountain, Everest. And many other surprising facts that are rarely known to the layman. Whatever the fact, following his review

  • Not The Highest Mountain In The World

Although many people refer to Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, but the fact that there is a much higher mountain than Mount Everest IE Mount Mauna Kea residing in Hawaii.

Mount Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano which when measured from the bottom of the sea reached approximately 10,200 m. That means about a mile higher if compared to Mount Everest or mountain of the Himalayas.

Indeed the Summit of Mount Everest is the highest when measured from sea level i.e. 8,848 meters while Mount Mauna Kea only 4,205 meters, but it extends along approximately 6,000 meters to the sea floor when measured from the seabed up to mountain high 10,200 m.

  • Obliged To Bring down Trash When Coming Down The Mountain

These rules may be more or less the same as the other mountains, but the level of dirt on Mount Everest has entered the stage of worrying. Mountains of peak other facts that are not only a lot of trash but also many human cadavers who died there. There are even some people refer to it as the tomb of the highest in the world.

It is estimated as many as 50 tons of garbage in every season of the ascent. Since the year 2008, The Eco Everest Expedition already trying to solve this problem and so far the results of 13 tons of trash they carried successfully.

  • Riding Mountain Need To Queue Up

With his popularity as the highest mountain in the world, Everest already be a the appeal of for climbers all over the world. That’s because in the various climbing route will look human congestion aimed at trying to challenge the mountain of malignancy.

For example, in January 2012, Germany origin i.e. climber Ralf Dujmovits managed to take a picture that shows a surprising hundreds of climbers who were queuing to be able to reach the Summit. At the time the climbers reportedly gathered in one place in the area around trekking and wait for about 2 hours to wait for a turn at the climb up the mountain.

But in his travels 234 climbers managed to reach the peaks, but 4 other climbers were killed before reaching the Summit. This is certainly a big problem, the mountain Manager finally adding a strap that can be used to grip the climbers.

  • Hilamaya Has Many Names

Although everyone knew this mountain named Mount Everest or the Himalayas, but most indigenous in Tibet thus refer to Mount Everest by the name Chomolungma (Qomolangma) which means goddess of mountains.

In Nepal the mountain is called Sagarmatha, meaning the brow heaven. Because the name that is now Mount Everest became part of Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Even some people who never climbed this mountain knows the name.

The mountain is named Himalaya, when United Kingdom origin, surveyor Andrew Waugh failed to find another name that can be used by indigenous people. And also to make mention of the name for people who are not indigenous. While the name Everest was named Inspector General of India namely George Everest ever did a survey in the Himalayan Mountains.

  • Believe It Or Not, The Mount Everest Height Increased Every Year

The two countries are conducting repeated measurements to prove how tall Mount Everest which was actually considered by the experts is the work wasted. Because, after having examined the top of the mountain, always grow more or less 4 millimeters each year.

This is because at first mainland India is independent then collided with the Mainland of asia, thus forming the Mount Everest. But there is one thing that escaped from the observations of experts, namely the Asian continental plates bump into the still-moving push it higher.

It is also evident from the results of the research Expedition Millennium America in 1999. They put a satellite device dibahwa the mountain to mengukut growth of Mount Everest. As a result, it turns out the height of Mount Everest certainly always changed each year.

  • Animals Immortal the occupants Of Mount Everest

These animals are known as eternal resident animal Mount Everest, because this animal is one-one animal that is often found by climbers at an altitude of about 6,700 metres. This is a spider species of the Salticidae family fit in. This species is also part of the Genera Euophrys and order Araneae found Nepal taeniatus.

It needs to be remembered for the climbers this animal is one of Spider deadly poisonous in the world. Generally they outwit by hiding in the cracks of the stones of the mountain slope.

  • The Higher, The More Oxygen Is Decreased

In addition to poisonous spiders that can stop the pendakianmu is kekurang of oxygen. Yes, oxygen levels around base camp will come down to be 85-87% whereas when it’s approaching the Summit must breathe until 80-90 times every minute of it.

This is caused by oxygen levels declining and remaining more or less 35%. So many climbers who tubes carrying oxygen to himself.

  • Formerly Beach

As already known, the Mainland india, Nepal and around him, was not entered the Asian Plains and Mount Everest is the seaside. But millions of years later, the Mainland is shifting northwards and collided with Asia that ultimately formed the Himalaya mountains we know until now.

  • Coming down the mountain is more dangerous than Climbing

Until now, there has been no definite data how many climbers who have been a victim of this mountain. However, it can be calculated how many climbers who do not back down. Because the route down from the peak more dangerous than climbing routes, ranging from weather, freezing, exhausted body, and others.

  • Age of Everest is not 60 Million

A lot of researchers mention that the Himalayas has been there a around 60 years ago. But the fact that there’s been a mountain of hundreds of years, this can be evidenced by the presence of rocks and limestone rocks sidemen are there dipuncak the mountain estimated age 450 million years ago.

The Hill rock formations containing fossils of beings of the sea first discovered by an adventurer named Noel Odell in 1924. It is increasingly strengthened that the peak of the mountain was once the seabed.

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